Online Team Building

Online Team Building or Remote Team Building Events are for groups who, while not physically in the same room, still have a need to connect in a meaningful way. Whether you’re an interstate group, working from home, or self-isolating, these virtual team building games are designed to connect your squad in a fun and engaging way, all from the safety of your own homes or workstations.

Using our preferred meeting app, Zoom, we arrange a meeting time for all participants to catch up ready to dedicate some well-needed time to play and laugh.

The best bit: there’s no limit to who can join in on the fun, so invite your international or over-the-border workers too!

Working in an isolated environment has its pros and cons. There is less distraction if you don’t count your fridge, but the biggest negative impact is lack of connectivity.

Companies have a growing need to keep everyone connected and motivated. Humans are social beasts by nature. Most of us need social interaction or distraction to stop us from going stir crazy and to maintain some level of normality. The lack of water-cooler conversations and social lunches have left a noticeable blip in cohesion – this is where we come in with an incredible array of virtual team building activities that stimulate conversation and bring back the dynamic.

Our online team building activities have been designed to combat the dreaded ‘zoom fatigue’, get your colleagues laughing, and get them thinking about something other than lockdown by enjoying the social aspect of work they all love (and miss)!

Our line-up of professional actors and experienced corporate facilitators dial in from all around Australia at a time that suits you. The best part is, you can be located anywhere in the world and we can bring you our signature, unforgettable, and unparalleled sense of fun, humour, and adventure.

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Investing in some unique and engaging virtual team building ideas is undoubtedly more important than ever! We have recently seen entire cohorts forced to work from home and increasingly more and more people discovering the ability to work remotely. Investing time in connecting your colleagues is not only about reinforcing the sense of unity and camaraderie, but also about investing in wellness and happiness of your group that may find the lack of interaction personally challenging.

The benefits of regular colleague catchups and meetings are tangible and necessary. You are here because you want to go next level and engage them in a fun and interactive way, this is what we do best. Our online team building events will boost morale, informational retention, and overall happiness. Regular remote team building activities will also offer the release your staff need so they can get on with work and still feel part of a nurturing company moving forward.


We offer a range of dynamically challenging and diverse options for your event, bringing the proven elements of each one and combining it with our all-star cast to illuminate the possibilities. The classic staples of Trivia’s and Game Show’s always possess an element of healthy competition combined with factual engagement. More unconventional options like Brain Olympics or even a fun Film Fest are offered by us as well.

Every group is different after all, and we pride ourselves on being wide open for tailored experiences. We want you to have the best time possible and are always open to your own virtual team building ideas!


Our wide range of virtual team building activities and online games for remote teams are tailorable to suit any group size. We work with small businesses, some as low as six members through to the largest global companies, creating and adjusting events to suit anything and everything in between.

The size of your group will dictate exactly how we run the whole shindig, whether it be a single day online team building event or part of a large-scale full company tournament that might see different times or days set aside for different business division’s.

One of the key advantages of online team building activities is the digital space we have to play around in – no stuffing groups into small spaces to accommodate, all that’s needed is a computer and internet connection!


Since the lockdowns and pandemic manifested themselves, the notion of working from home is now more realistic and prescient. More workplaces have invested in Meeting Apps to continue group meetings with the most popular apps being Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google Hangouts.

Our preferred application is Zoom as some of our online team building activities specifically use technical capabilities inside the program that are not always transferrable. We elected to use this application due to its immense popularity and dominance in the digital space.

However, if you have an alternative application you’re already using, drop us a line and we can discuss tailored adaptations we can make to accommodate you.


Typically, most of our online team building activities and events last around 1.5 hours. We found that it’s the perfect amount of time to get the most out of our online games for remote teams without being too long. Taking our events to a digital form does shorten the attention span of the average person, particularly when their eyes are focused on a screen. So, we have adjusted the duration of our events for maximum fun and engagement while still keeping it interesting and informative.

Of course, we can exercise a degree of flexibility with durations and content, so just talk with us about what you think is best for your workers or what your situational time limitations might be. Our focus, as always, is ensuring that the online games for remote teams are first and foremost, fun!

Once your remote team building session is complete, we suggest that the group stays logged on in the chat to discuss what transpired and unwind a little bit from the experience.

Getting the chance to debrief, to laugh at the funny bits, and to tie it all back into the root idea of working together and the importance of staying connected is the primary goal. In fact, that’s the heart of effective online team building.


Our very humble beginnings were about getting people out of the office to engage face-to-face in new and creative ways. We’ve run literally thousands of these events, but inevitably as we looked to innovate. The next evolution of events we had to offer had to have an element of a digital space, so we began experimenting with virtual team building ideas. COVID has expedited this reality as face-to-face events over the shutdown period literally became illegal!

Since then, we have developed a knack for the new norm, constantly honing our techniques to bring out the maximum amount of fun and utility from our online team building activities. We found that there aren’t too many options out there for diversified offices and cohorts to band together in any meaningful sense and have developed these virtual team building activities as tools for people to connect in a more inventive and unique manner. We love seeing people come out of their shells a little and the after-effects are always incredibly inspiring.

We are super-proud of the company we have built up over the past 12 years and we have had many long-term clients come to us with how they can still use us to engage their cohorts. We love what we do. We love that people love what we do. We are excited and committed to offering the same WOW factor and level of engagement that we’re known for with our online team building activities.

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