Team Building

We believe that teams who play together, stay together. And this is why our corporate team building events have a strong focus on group dynamics. Richard Branson said it best: “Make fun a priority. …What’s the point of working hard and being successful, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing?”

At Great Race, we make it our mission to ensure that everyone leaves our events better connected and invigorated than when they arrived. Enhancing how they work together, how they communicate, how they deal with confrontation and how they negotiate challenges. The way we approach all this serious stuff that makes all the difference to its success. So, how do we do it? Simple – we make it fun!

This fun-filled approach encourages participants to fully engage with an activity and each other in a safe and enjoyable environment. Those who are wary of team building activities tend to get on board after seeing our unique approach come to fruition. We love breaking barriers and exceeding expectations, and after years of practice, we have found our winning formula.

Through our range of team building games, we tackle some of the more mundane but vital aspects of any working environment. Tougher aspects to train such as, time management, risk management, planning, delegation, leadership, and trust. You’ll learn more about your colleagues by exposing and drawing attention to the different personality types that comprise a team – while opening up lines of communication that wouldn’t otherwise occur in an office setting, and all this is wrapped up in an awesome and fun package!


We understand that building a cohesive rapport is an ongoing task. More of a subtle art that’s reminiscent of mastering the croquembouche. While we can’t claim to completely reform and revive in the few hours you’ll spend with us – what we can promise is that your cohort will have an absolute ball together and look back on this unifying experience with a new appreciation for each other and their individual values. After all, these are the foundations of effective team building activities, they inspire and illuminate the interconnectivity potential of a group by tiny increments, hidden in the veneer of fun and frivolity. These seemingly small steps have an incredible impact on building a stronger and unified cohort of workers.


We have a range of team building events that inspire in different ways and to varying degrees, each task has its own focus and result so it’s all dependent on what you believe your cohort will benefit from the most. We love to push boundaries in our endeavours, finding the sweet spot where team building games can transcend into a lightbulb moment of interconnectivity – of course, we always respect the mark.

The team building events we have on offer seek to flush out the bravery and fearlessness that’s often hiding in all of us; It’s not about the winners and losers, quite the contrary – it’s about backing yourself and being in an environment where you are allowed to fail (because we all do sometimes). The real endgame is in how a group deals with failure, together. This is where the root of our passion lies with Great Race, the lessons that can be found in the simplest of places are often the ones with the most efficacy.

Our adventurous team building activities typically involve some element of pressure or stress; everyone will have to make quick decisions and be forced to step outside their comfort zone. What we are trying to reveal is how you and your colleagues react in those moments, safe in the knowledge that it is all just in good fun. The best part is we can all come back together at the end, have a good laugh and celebrate the wins and lessons found along the way!


Our team building games are so successful thanks in no small part to the subtle underpinning of fun we incorporate into each and every offering – it’s about having a good bloody time! Often the subtle benefits of our team building activities are implicit and inherently part of the challenges we create, it’s entirely up to you how the message comes across. Whether you want your colleagues to discover the messages on their own or if you wish to have a discussion before or after the team building games is entirely up to you. Our professional hosts know how to get a message across, overtly, or subtly and with the experience to back it up.

As we mentioned earlier, there are a wide range of benefits that are tailored into each of our carefully planned team building events – the overall advantage is a clearer, unified, and more cohesive working environment. Challenges completed together and as a working unit tend to weave a much stronger connection for groups, and there is nothing stronger or more productive than a unified workforce.

With over a decade of experience of working with groups just like yours, we reckon we’ve got the best antidote to your woes. We’ve seen every shade of group imaginable and have crafted creative team building games to suit some very interesting groups of people in our time. In case we hadn’t made it clear, it’s fun, it’s educational and it’s unifying – mostly fun though 😉

Great Race offers a huge range of team building events, games and activities for your group. Simply select the type of event below to explore!