Team Building

We believe that teams who play together, stay together. And this is why our corporate team building events have a strong focus on group dynamics. Richard Branson said it best: “Make fun a priority. …What’s the point of working hard and being successful, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing?”

We make it our mission to ensure that everyone leaves our events better connected and invigorated. We want your team to change how they work together, how they communicate, how they deal with confrontation and how they negotiate challenges. And it’s how we approach all this serious stuff that makes all the difference. How do we do it? We make it fun.

This approach allows participants to fully engage with the activity because they can’t not; even any team building skeptics immediately get on board and before you know it your team is interacting in ways that totally exceeds your expectations.

We ‘gamify’ team building outcomes such as time management, risk management, planning, delegation, leadership and trust.  You’ll learn more about your colleagues by exposing and drawing attention to the different personality types that comprise a team and open up lines of communication that wouldn’t otherwise occur in an office setting; and all this is wrapped up in an awesome, fun game!


We understand that building teams is an ongoing task, a subtle art that’s kinda like mastering the croquembouche. And while we can’t profess to do that in the few hours you spend with us, what we can promise is that your team will have an absolute ball together and look back on this unifying experience with a new appreciation of the amazing people that make up your organisation. It’s these seemingly small steps that have a big impact on building a stronger, happier team.


We have a range of events that will test your team in different ways and to varying degrees. We love to push boundaries in our games, but in a rewarding way, without overstepping the mark.

Our creative events force your team to be brave and fearless; it’s about backing yourself and being in an environment where you are allowed to fail (because we all do sometimes). It’s how you and your team deals with failure that is the real lesson and a great bonding experience.

Our adventure activities typically involve some element of pressure or stress; everyone will have to make quick decisions and be forced to step outside their comfort zone. What we are trying to reveal is how you and your colleagues react in those moments, safe in the knowledge that it is all just a game. The best part is we can all come back together at the end, have a good laugh and celebrate the team’s wins!


The team building outcomes or benefits are always underpinned by the fact our events are always geared towards fun and having a bloody great time. Often these outcomes are implicit or inherently a part of the challenges we create, so depending on what you’re looking for our hosts are able to let your team discover the benefits on their own, or they can drive the message home by opening the discussion of why we’re doing what we are doing. How deep we dive is up to you, and skilfully guided by our professional hosts to ensure it’s not patronising or didactic.

With over a decade of experience working with teams just likes yours, we reckon we’ve got the best antidote to your team building fears. Incase we hadn’t made it clear, it’s fun 😉 (…plus a bunch of other stuff, but mainly fun!)

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