Christmas Party Events

The staff Christmas party is easily the most anticipated work event of the year. A reward, a retrospective.  The bosses ease up on the company wallet with the idea that the drinks and laughs will flow in equal measure!

But gone are the days when throwing the company credit card at the bar and ordering 20 pizzas is going to cut it. If you really want to express gratitude, you have to make it a priority to think out of the box a little…

Isn’t it time you had an awesome Christmas Party that everyone will remember (for all the right reasons)? Let’s get out and have some fun together and lets celebrate the year that was with some belly laughs and a little competition. We’ve put our cleverest game designer elves to work and asked them to focus on the fun. Fun that is inclusive. Fun that makes you smile. Fun that transforms a Christmas party into an experience that will leave the team buzzing with festive frivolity and reflecting on the magic memories made.

Browse our awesome range of work Christmas party ideas and get in touch to plan the ultimate end of year party!

With an exciting and fun-packed roster of events to choose from, we have the perfect event for the company Christmas stocking. Indoor, outdoor, adventure or fun, we promise to exceed expectations and can promise that you’ll be hitting us up with ideas for next year. Our games are a great combination of puzzles and tasks that take on a festive flare to properly ring in the bells for the season. We deliver high-energy, super fun Christmas activities that will challenge the way you think and see your team. We ask you to let out that inner child and delight in an afternoon of games and fun. We’ve totally got the goods too! We’ve delivered literally thousands of events over the past 10+ years. Our hosts are playful and full of spirit and we know the perfect ingredients to make your Christmas event unforgettable.

We’re a multicultural society and drinks and dinners don’t always include everyone, our Christmas activities do! We’re not saying go without drinks (pfft…hardly) but rather provide an inclusive and culturally sensitive activity that will put a smile on everyone’s face and says a big thank you to those that aren’t hell bent on getting #wasted.

Christmas is a crazy time in hospitality! If you want to book a section of a bar on a Friday in December you could be looking at minimum spends or bar hire fees that sees the boss roll their eyes and leaves you with little much else to play with. Our events won’t break the bank and will ensure that you don’t spend your entire budget on making sure you have somewhere to stand. Or why not consider catering yourselves back at the office. Get the team out on an event with us and then surprise them with a decorated, fully-stocked office fridge on their return!

Whatever you’re after, we can work with you to design the best work Christmas party you’ve ever had!