Hucks Parties

What is a hucks? (H)ens + B(ucks) = HUCKS! Simply put, a Hucks Party is an alternative to a Hens/Bucks with the two wedding parties joining forces and celebrating together. We have always been a proudly inclusive organisation so no matter whether it’s a combined hens and bucks, two hens,  two bucks or any other queer combination – the concept remains the same and we want to help you celebrate!

While a hens or a bucks have been time-honoured traditions for a very long time, there are so many groups that want to join forces and have a HUGE party with everyone involved!

At Great Race, we are and always have been, loudly and proudly inclusive. This is an event for all wedding parties to enjoy! Explore our awesome events designed to pit the parties against each other in a (mostly) friendly manner as you tackle puzzles and challenges all around your city!


We love everything about Hucks Parties! This is an event designed to bring all of your nearest and dearest together for a celebration that is completely inclusive and suitable for all. Our events are a brilliant day activity or precursor to a night on the town. Some groups have even used Great Race as a decider for their evening activities – winner gets their pick of suburb to hang out in!

We know times have changed – they have for us too. One of our own directors got married recently with a female ‘groomsmaid’. Lots of couples have mutual friends and no one wants to miss out on a great party so, in the words of that wise little girl from the Old El Paso ad “Porque no los dos?” Why don’t we have both!?

Bring everyone together for an event that will have you laughing and celebrating all the way down the aisle.


We offer four different types of events for our Hucks Parties: the Amazing Race with Bars, our Classic Amazing Race, Survivor and Minute To Win It. All are excellent choices guaranteed to please!

The Amazing Race with Bars is the perfect afternoon activity prior to dinner or dancing and is a fantastic, fun choice as your primary Hucks Party activity. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘race,’ this game doesn’t require you to rock your activewear, although you can if you want to! A whole lot of fun with some healthy competition, you’ll visit a few bars over the course of the race and have plenty to laugh about for the rest of the evening and beyond. Our recommendation? Try kicking off at 2.30PM for a 5.00PM closing ceremony, stick around for a few celebratory/commiseratory drinks, then grab some dinner and party the night away!

The Classic Amazing Race is a great game to kick off your Hucks celebrations! It’s the perfect game for a competitive, fun-loving Hucks group so bring your A-game! This is a slightly longer game than the version with bars; although not overly physical, we’d recommend your comfy shoes 😉 The Classic Amazing Race is all about hitting the streets, convincing strangers to help you, solving puzzles, completing crazy challenges and then coming back together at the end to compare battle stories!

Survivor is a popular choice for Hucks Parties as, unlike the race options, you all stay in one location for the entire game. In other words, you all get to compete against each other in all challenges at the same time! We love Survivor for a Hucks as it tends to bring out that cheeky competitive side we all have, but in a good way! Add to that a whole lot of fun and laughter and you’ve got yourself a great social event for everyone. Survivor can be held anywhere so if you’d like to keep it local such as a park or beach, this is the perfect Hucks activity for you.

Minute To Win It is the ideal game to get your group laughing themselves silly! It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is just SO. MUCH. FUN! A great Hucks Party budget option for those groups keen to have an activity in the comfort of their own homes. Perfect if you’re using your own house or backyard and want an activity that injects some good old fashioned fun!