Corporate Activities

Our primary goal is engagement! We get your people to engage with us so we can get everyone engaging with each other… and it works. Your group will leave better connected and with a smile you can’t wipe off their face.

You are on a mission: maybe it’s an End Of Financial Year celebration, Christmas Party, a conference breakout, annual team bonding day, brand awareness event – whatever the occasion, we can help you make it fun.

We understand that there is tremendous pressure placed on the organiser of an event. Regardless of whether it’s a small team building activity or a corporate event with 300 delegates, your primary concern is that your guests walk away having had a great time and feel more connected to each other and your organisation. It’s a big task. But the good news is our events have all the elements to get your group buzzing and energized, and leave everyone’s expectations well and truly exceeded.

End Of Financial Year celebration

We are experts at injecting the fun into any corporate event and we know how to do so appropriately. We can customise our events to suit your particular corporate event needs, include your conference themes or required outcomes.

We call ourselves the Masters of Fun because fun is at the core of everything we do. It has to be fun. The reason we take such a firm position on taking fun seriously is because we know that people are more engaged, curious, receptive and invested when they are enjoying themselves. All the desired outcomes we incorporate into our events are much more effective when we have the entire group on board, which is what makes our games (and your event!) an unforgettable experience. And fun is linked to happiness, which is fast becoming a priority of workplaces around the world.

There are five common factors that make you happy at work:

  • Independence
  • Sense of completion
  • Variety
  • Feedback
  • Making a difference

Our games activate all five of these feelings. Each player is able to use their unique skill set, complete challenges and puzzles, test their physical and mental capabilities, receive immediate feedback from other players and our hosts and make a difference to the relationships they have at work. 

Standing out the front of a room full of people staring at you ready to listen to what you have to say typically scares most. But we revel in it! Maybe we’re all just attention seekers at heart but that is a huge reason we do what we do. We are people-people and we love entertaining groups. The word engagement get used a lot for corporate activities but being able to engage large groups is not a goal we strive for, it’s a prerequisite for us.

Our corporate activities have been designed to suit loads of different occasions. Often we’ll take the core concept of a game and then change the tact or direction in which we pitch the activity to suit your needs. For example, we can run a Film Fest activity for a group that is looking for something ‘just for fun’ and we’ll take out all the team building talk and jargon or just as simply we can tailor the same activity for a group looking at a project driven activity with a focus on building high-performance teams and achieve both outcomes using a similar event type! Our events can be tailored to corporate entertainment, conference breakouts, christmas parties, work socials, client engagement events, team building/engagement, graduate inductions, product launches, reward programs, workshop activities and more.

Book an event that’s motivating, rewarding, goal-oriented and, above all, FUN. You and your team deserve it!