During our regular poker and whisky night with Brano and Musky, we decided that amazing races shouldn't be bound to our earth. I mean, seriously, if martians new we were having this much fun and excluding them...well lets just say 'Mars Attacks' would be more a doco than a cinematic masterpiece.

Freshly terrified from this idea and now somewhat inebriated, we embarked upon our most amazing event offering yet. The Mars Amazing Race...


the red planet Race

Take on a group activity that's literally out of this world. With absolutely zero training or preparation, we'll pack you on to a spaceship from our buddies at Virgin or Tesla and launch you into a new era of fun. 


Snazzy space suits

It's bloody cold on Mars. Or hot. We can't remember, but rest assured it's pretty different to an outing in Oz. For that reason, we've rented these astronaut-like suits from the local costume shop. Sharon, the owner, reckons they'll probably stand up to the new atmosphere. "Guess we'll find out" she said through a smile of missing teeth. On ya Shaz.


Local guides!

That's Ralph, he's a pretty chill extraterrestrial life form, and has a 37% hit rate with great jokes. He doesn't speak a lick of english though, so the first challenge is to figure out where you'll need to head to start the first challenge. Also, while he states that he "comes in peace" we have no idea what he's actually saying, so caution is recommended during interactions. 

How much does this boondoggle cost?


From $1,800,000+


I dunno, how many fit on a spaceship?


3 -4 Years


Are there health risks?

We assume so. 

Do you have the relevant certifications, training and licences for space travel?

What are you the space police?

How long is the trip to Mars?

About 300 days, give or take. If you think that's long, don't worry, we have plenty of activities and sing-alongs to last the distance. Our favourites include '8,999,999 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall', 'Trivial Pursuit: Power Rangers Edition', and 'Crapobonopoly'.

What Could You Go Wrong?

That's the spirit. 


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