Conference Activities & Breakouts

Conferences are an awesome way to catch up on how your company is traveling, award exceptional team members, learn about new products or simply lock yourselves away to get a difficult project sorted. But how do you take your conference to the next level to make sure you get the most out of it?

Whether you’ve got just an hour between presentations, or a few hours to burn, we provide a range of exciting, fun-packed conference activities and breakout session ideas that deliver exceptionally good times, instil company values (if that’s what you’re after!) and inject some energy into the schedule to turn your conference from ho-hum to holy-moley-that-was-actually-so-much-fun!
Our hosts are professional actors who are totally comfortable standing on a stage in front of a room full of people.

They confidently bring the entertainment and the fun that every conference needs to make an impact.

Check out our awesome conference activity and breakout options below!

With a range of events available and plenty of customisable options to suit your venue and time frame, organising a great conference activity event is super easy. Just get in touch and our games masters will work with you to make your event hassle-free and super-FUN!


Every team is unique, and you’ll have specific outcomes for your conference event. So, when’s the best time to inject the FUN into your conference activity?

There really are advantages to each timing option, so we’ve made up a list of all the pro’s so you can weigh up your options! These are merely suggestions, but we can host conference breakout sessions any time, any

At the start of your conference:  It might not be your first instinct but kicking off with a bang sets the tone for the rest of the conference activity. Your team are energised, inspired, and in an awesome headspace to tackle the more serious work stuff you’ve got planned. You’ve seen your colleagues in a completely new light which humanises them and makes you feel more connected to each other, so you are ready to forge on through keynote speakers, presentations and all those pie charts, together as one team.

At the halfway point: So, you’ve made it halfway and everyone’s starting to get the sugar slumps after that carrot cake at afternoon tea. We’ll come in and boost everyone’s spirits and inject the energy you need to get you through the rest of the day. Whether you’re looking for light-hearted fun to break up the schedule or a conference activity with a focus on building a stronger team before your final sessions, we’ll energise the room and refocus your attention.

At the end: Finish your conference on an unforgettable high by scheduling a fun and rewarding conference activity at the end of the day. This allows you to get all the important business out of the way and then come together and focus on how your team works and plays together. We are a great transition to dinner and/or drinks, and some of our activity options can even be done over a meal. Did someone just say entertainment and team building in one? If that won’t get the bosses approval, we don’t know what will 🙂 This is a fantastic format to reward your team for their hard work during their conference activities, and why not end on a high!

We understand the importance of team building here at Great Race, and we know how difficult it can be to get a team to communicate with each other and build a professional relationship. Better team building means better communication, which means more efficiency and effectiveness in the office’s work. Employee morale is also important, and by breaking up the monotonous schedule and day of meetings and work, your employees can feel part of a larger community while having fun throughout their workday and week.

Our conference breakout sessions are each designed to be fun while building the team spirit. Such classics include the amazing race (a well-known favourite!), survivor, adventure trivia, apprentice, film fest, taste it to win it and so much more! All of these are considered to be a fun and team building conference activity which allows employees to let loose while building a professional relationship with their co-workers. Keep your workplace fun while making it more efficient and a great place to work at!

We are the masters of fun, specialising in conference activities and breakout session ideas so get in touch to learn how we do it.