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A large percentage of working Australians spend a majority of their working hours seated and staring at a screen which can cause some long-term ramifications.More workplaces are looking for unorthodox and fun ways to tackle this lack of sufficient exercise and enhance teamwork dynamics simultaneously. Luckily, our range outdoor team building activities lets you do just that.

There have been many iterations over the years of the concept. Wholesome and enjoyable experiences that inspire a mix of fun and efficiency for workplaces and people. Great Race started with the idea that outdoor activities for team building didn’t have to be formulaic – and since then, we’ve seen some incredible results.

The rising conversation surrounding the importance of a healthy body and healthy mindset was certainly exasperated throughout 2020 and 2021. Both workplaces and people were confronted with an unparalleled opportunity to exercise and enhance their own lifestyles. With our impressive range of team building outdoor games – there’s an element of motivation, exasperation, and enjoyment for everyone. Our range is also friendly for all fitness levels so don’t fret if you haven’t been hitting the pavement.

With over ten years’ experience hosting outdoor activities for team building, Great Race has a huge and awesome selection of fun and engaging outdoor team building activities that will boost morale and productivity.

There’s Something For Everyone!

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Our outdoor team building activities are suitable for all ages and physical abilities. Placing the emphasis on the Fun in Functional, we have a catalogue of interesting and diversified outdoor team building games that encourage camaraderie as well as getting the heart pumping. In fact, none of our challenges in any of our outdoor team building games are dependent on physical prowess. Being outside and soaking up some vitamin D with colleagues or friends is the optimal way to engage and encourage cohesiveness after all.

It all comes down to how well people work together. Using a variety of challenges that will test creativity, problem-solving skills, innovation, cryptic brains, and much more! The only required physical component on an Amazing Race is some moderate walking, and sure, you can run if you’re super keen. There’s more to it than simply being fit, you have to be functional too.


Our Amazing Races are among the most popular service we provide giving people the opportunity to traverse their areas in search of exciting challenges and fresh environments. It’s not just for workplaces though, we adapt our challenges depending on the people participating – from Uni students to social circles.

If you’ve ever seen the show before then you already have a good idea at the range of tasks that we implement. On a much smaller scale of course, nevertheless, the reward of a stronger dynamic with colleagues and a day in the sun is an enticing thought on its own!

Participants will work together in achieving various goals and navigating different tasks that seek to hone the fundamental principles of true and honest teamwork. In the end of it all, there’s no greater feeling than heading home after one of our Amazing Races with the knowledge that a stronger foundational relationship has been built between colleagues, friends, even families.


Outdoor team building games are a chance for the crew to re-energise and get to know each other in a different context to the daily norm. Our fun outdoor games for large groups to smaller offices will rejuvenate and invigorate your crew by simply ‘shaking it up’. At Great Race, we take fun seriously and are big advocates of taking people away from their screens, out of their seats and facilitating a truly positive shared activity because we know that these squad bonding experiences matter.

It’s no secret that simply doing outdoor team building games for a bit of fun can increase morale, staff engagement, and help strengthen relationships. Add to that the element of competition and you’ve got an afternoon or morning guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s dial and a cheeky sparkle in their eyes.

Outdoor team building activities have a big impact on workplace wellbeing, mood, and happiness. According to a study by the Centre for Tourism Research at the University of Canberra who conducted research into the benefits of outdoor activities for team building highlights the valuable contribution they make to personal health and wellbeing.

Beyond the physical, outdoor team building activities include interpersonal and intrapersonal skills developed through engaging in ice breaker exercises in meaningful ways.

By carefully garnering and creating new and exciting ways to connect, our participants are able to keep vital working relationships strong, agile, and capable – all while having a great time. Research suggests that outdoor team building activities enable your team to engage physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually with their colleagues in fresh environments.


Our outdoor activities for groups are designed to work towards improving skillsets of teamwork, communication, planning, strategy, dynamics of a high-performance department and most importantly, FUN!

We don’t discriminate either, we’ve had smaller events planned out as well as larger scale. Our team is qualified and adaptable to ensure that you always get a satisfying result and experience, regardless of the size! Having a positive morale and boosted sense of teamwork is sure to be beneficial for any industry, regardless of size. It is sure to be appreciated with a few relevant and challenging outdoor team building games thrown into the mix. The exquisite line-up we have at our disposal are qualified to give you a day you’ll never forget.

Of course, we are always able to mix and match the various team building outdoor games to better suit your preferences and requests. We enjoy the excitement of new ventures as much as anyone – it’s why we do what we do.

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