Outdoor Activities

A large percentage of working Australians, over 50% according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, spend the majority of their working hours seated, often with their eyes fixed on a screen. We say, let’s put the past behind us! Tomorrow is a new day! Put down the devices! Let’s plan our escape! An outdoor team building activity lets you do just that. And the boss pays!

Trust us, we’re the Masters of Fun and we’ve seen it time and time again; do not underestimate the power of getting your staff members outside for a few hours of fun together. Invariably, we see an immediate shift in the energy and spirit of huddling together simply by getting outside in nature with the sun on their faces – so give it a go with your colleagues. We dare you.

There’s something for everyone! Click on the links below to explore your options for vitamin D fuelled fun.

With over ten years’ experience in outdoor activities for team building, Great Race has a huge and awesome selection of fun and engaging outdoor team building activities that will boost morale and productivity. Whether you are looking to reward your fellow employees, find a way to facilitate greater connections or just wanting to get everyone out of the office for the day, we’re the Masters of Fun and we’ve got you covered. Here’s a day you will never forget!


All of our outdoor team building activities have been designed to be suitable for all ages and physical abilities. We are proud to say that each and every game is designed in house to ensure the fun is maximised and that all personality types and fitness levels can be equally competitive. In fact, none of our challenges in any of our outdoor team building games have anything to do with physical prowess. They’re much more fun than that!
And when it comes to our Amazing Races it’s not about crossing the finish line first. It’s all about how well you do over a variety of challenges that will test your colleague’s creativity, problem-solving skills, innovation, cryptic brains and much more! The only required physical component on an Amazing Race is moderate walking, and sure, you can run if you’re super keen – but trust us, running alone won’t win it so you better bring your A-game 😉. Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk. With your colleagues at your side, these ice breakers will definitely be a cake walk.


An outdoor team building games is a chance for the crew to re-energise and get to know each other in a different context to the daily norm. Our fun outdoor games for large groups to smaller offices will rejuvenate and invigorate your crew by simply ‘shaking it up’. At Great Race, we take fun seriously and are big advocates of taking people away from their screens, out of their seats and facilitating a truly positive shared activity because we know that these squad bonding experiences matter.

It’s no secret that simply doing outdoor team building games for a bit of fun can increase morale, staff engagement, and help strengthen relationships. Add to that the element of competition and you’ve got an afternoon or morning guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s dial and a cheeky sparkle in their eyes.
Team Building outdoor games have a big impact on workplace wellbeing, mood, and happiness. According to a study by the Centre for Tourism research, University of Canberra, “research into the benefits of outdoor activities for teambuilding highlights the valuable contribution they make to personal health and wellbeing.

The main benefits of outdoor team building activities include interpersonal and intrapersonal skills developed through engaging in ice breaker exercises in meaningful ways.”

As the world grows ever more complex a fundamental truth becomes more apparent: human health and wellbeing is positively enhanced through meaningful connections between people and places. Positive rapport is pivotal in our culture, especially in the workplace.

Research suggests that outdoor team building activities enable your team to engage physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually with their colleagues in outdoor environments. Talk about bang for your squad bonding buck!

Our outdoor activities for groups are designed to work towards objectives such as teamwork, communication, planning and strategy, dynamics of a high-performance department and most importantly, FUN! So get in touch with us – an outdoor team building company with a focus on laughter and connection! A crew that plays hard, works hard.