Social Amazing Race

Not familiar with the Amazing Race concept? Imagine a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt on steroids! As the “Masters of Fun” we include some of the quirky challenges and games made popular by the super successful TV show the Amazing Race but we tweak it to create an activity that has universal appeal, will leave everyone sore from belly laughing and with a little less of the ‘actual racing’ so it’s suitable for everyone!

This is your chance to get your friends and family off the couch for a half day of good clean crazy fun. Whether it’s ‘just for fun’, for a hens activity, birthday party, social gathering or a sporting group teambuild we guarantee not just smiles but proper LOLs. With over 10 years experience with interactive games and group activities we promise to deliver a no fuss, super slick Amazing Race style day. If you have done an Amazing Race before and know how fun it is, prepare for Great Race to make it even more fun! If you’ve never done an Amazing Race activity or scavenger/treasure hunt before, prepare for an unforgettable day that your party will be raving about for years to come.


Trying to find something different to do for your Hens night is hard, particularly if you want to find something that is inclusive, doesn’t revolve around phallic drinking straws or embarrassing the Hen herself.  


Perhaps it’s your 30th birthday or 40th birthday! If all your friends have already done the fancy, expensive restaurant, attempted lawn bowls for all of 10 minutes or endured the 3 hour party boat, you might be looking for something to get everyone truly excited. Our events is a way to let your hair down without the kids (or even with the kids) but something that will let YOU be big kids again too!


Maybe you’re a sporting group looking to celebrate the season that was, but you want to do something different that doesn’t require you to drink your body weight. An Amazing Race is the competition you’re used to in a brand new type of game.


Perhaps you are part of a social committee and you are done with the stress of having to reinvent the wheel or of organising the event yourself.

Our Amazing Race days are designed to suit all ages and winning the game is achievable without having to be crazy fit. This is because we focus on planning and strategy and not on speed. We love games and all games we play give teams the opportunity to earn valuable time deductions. Our Amazing Race activities gives teams the power to choose the order in which they approach the different checkpoint challenges. This is great because teams have no idea of how well they are doing, but also because teams see each other en-route, forcing team interaction (and banter!).

We are the masters of providing the best Amazing Races in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. And have the testimonials to prove it!

Have an Amazing Race idea for somewhere else? Ask us! from Geelong to the Gold Coast to Byron Bay. We’ll bet we’ve already designed one for your location!