Product Launches

Experiential Marketing is a great way to get your staff and customers to trial a new product or interact with a forgotten favourite. We have worked with loads of creative agencies and big brand companies in creating an event experience that will engage participants and showcase exactly what makes your product special. We will gamify your product and brand and facilitate a fun experience that participants will rave about.

What’s your product capable of? Give it to us and let us brainstorm ideas to truly find out. We’ll play with it, touch it, taste it, jump on it and fall in love with it. We are creative people who love games, our biggest challenge is often knowing when to stop coming up with new ideas.

For all car companies, holiday destinations and confectionery makers we encourage you to send us a sample of your products (purely for research purposes) to let us start experimenting…

Here are some case studies to get you thinking!

Brief: As part of a national sales conference the management team wanted the sales managers to expand their knowledge of the Dragon’s Blood range and push/test their abilities to sell the products in different ways, all while getting to know each other better bonding as a team.

Outcome: We planned a Dragon’s Blood Television Advertisement Shoot Competition. At random, teams where given a particular product from the line that they then needed to create a 2-5 minute TV advertorial that showed the specific benefits of the line. Teams had to pick 2 props from our ridiculous props selection that must also be featured at some point, as well as including all their team members at some point. To give it the comedic edge teams were given creative license to make ludicrous claims and endless budget to include celebrity endorsements. Additional points were awarded to their ability advertise any of their other products and lines in sneaky product placements. All this was to be completed within a 2 hour time-frame before coming back together to screen their films before finishing up with our wonderful Oscar’s Ceremony announcing the best performers, concepts and overall winners.

Brief: Peugeot wanted to create a Car Rally style Amazing Race that focused on highlighting the unique selling points of their new model 2008 to both their national sales teams and to a collection of some of their most valued customers who were flown in from around the country and put up in the Sheraton On The Park Sydney. The game was to marry their marketing campaign that focused on how the vehicle was perfect for “getting you out of the city”.

Outcome: The Peugeot 2008 Car Rally Amazing Race saw teams scramble to a fleet of brand new Peugeot 2008’s waiting in the valet driveway. From here they used the internal navigation system to get to destinations around Sydney completing challenges that highlighted the features inside the vehicle. The challenges included precision driving by using the reversing cameras, challenges spotting things in the sky through the sunroof, packing an insane collection of props into the sizeable boot gaining bonus points for the best packed boot, and setting up an entire campsite blindfolded. The course took them from the bustling Sydney CBD down to Cronulla and back with an additional pit-stop at Cronulla’s Summer Salt Restaurant.

Brief: Holden were launching the new Holden Colorado and wanted to run an internal competition that would get their staff from all departments from all over the country excited by the new truck on the block. From 800 internal entries they decided on 32 people – 8 teams of four. They wanted us to create a car rally that would showcase everything the car had to offer.

Outcome: Being a car rally in Victoria the backdrop was a no-brainer, we would send the team from Melbourne to Lorne via the Great Ocean Road; a road as brutal and beautiful, and as refined and   rugged as the Colorado itself. Teams all traveled in their very own, special edition Colorado trucks using the GPS to find a series of checkpoints along the way. We created checkpoints to expose some of the main selling points of the car. We set up a time trial checkpoint to show off the cars’ maneuverability and brilliant turning circle. We created a packing checkpoint to highlight the huge volume of the back tray. We ran a Holden Colorado Trivia checkpoint on the famous Bells Beach. We had an in car Karaoke competition to utilise the Apple Carplay. Fun, on-brand bonus challenges and puzzles rounded off an amazingly fun and informative event experience that staff took back into their departments.

Holden were so happy with the outcome that they now ask us to run their induction activity for new recruits every year to show the company’s commitment to gratitude and fun!

Brief: Blackwoods is Australia’s biggest supplier of tools, cleaning and safety products. They came to us as they wanted a way of getting their leadership team to interact with some of the reps for the companies they sell for, and the products they represent.  The event needed to be informative but also fun as it was about building relationships as much as it was about building product knowledge. We had to achieve all this in three hours!

Outcome: The Blackwoods Apprentice! We split the group of 40 people into six different teams and married them with a brand rep who brought along a product. Each team had their brand rep explain the unique selling points for their chosen product and answer any questions they had. Armed with art supplies and a video camera, the teams then worked with the rep to create a 5 minute pitch about their product that would be presented in front of all the other groups. The pitch had to include a short 30 second commercial, in-store visual merchandising and packaging concepts, and a social media engagement plan or app. The day was so much fun and a huge success! All participants said they felt they had learnt so much about the products that were showcased and had an outrageously fun time doing it! The reps also had a great time building stronger relationships with the Blackwoods team and a couple of companies showcased in this event have even come to us to run similar activities for their own teams.