Other Groups

Our games are suitable for loads of different groups – essentially if you are a group of people looking to do ‘something fun’ then undoubtedly you will love the games and activities we offer. Before we became the Masters Of Fun we actually called ourselves the Group Adventure Specialists. So whether we’re the Masters or the Specialists, we’re ready to get out on an adventure with your group.

Our games are always geared towards having great fun as a group with a healthy dose of competition, they are always inclusive and, more than anything, we guarantee laughter.

Sporting Groups: We have run our events for all different types of sports groups and at all levels of sports from your local soccer team to professional sports organisations which have included Melbourne Storm, Cricket Australia, Hockey Australia, Tennis Australia and more (*cough, bragging!). The reason our events are so perfect for sporting groups is pretty obvious: competition! Our hosts never have to massage a sports club into our style of events they just get it straight away and not only bring their A-game but revel in the perfect mix of competition and fun. Sledging and sabotage are all par for the course when we have sporting groups out and our hosts play that up to ensure our closing ceremonies have the best stories to induce as much belly-laughter, jeering and cheering as possible.

Girls Weekend Away: You’re certainly never too old to do any of our events and there’s one type of social group in particular we have so much fun with: Girls Weekend Away. Now this is not a hens party and the participants typically vary in age considerably but there are a lot of friendship groups who annually, bi-annually or even just every ten years get together to go away and just have some fun! We’ve had a lot of these groups choose one of our events as part of their getaway! The games are never overly physical and are a fun injection to help see a city or to give your credit a break from shopping but most importantly is about having fun together.

Charity Groups: You can mix our events with raising money for charity! We still charge for our event (we are a business after all) but you set about selling a fun event to your network and then raise money as part of the entry fee that can be donated to your charity of choice. We’ve had people raise funds for loads of different charity organisations including Humpty Dumpty foundation, Heart foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. The events are always great fun for participants so is an excellent hook to get people on, are suitable for families so they can bring the kids along and the prices are very reasonable so you can make a good amount of money on top to donate to the charity.

Community or Church Groups: Finding suitable fun ideas that appeal to families and that can still have a focus on the group at large is difficult to accomplish but our events are perfect. They work extremely well as end of year activities especially for community and church groups and can be tailored to suit most sizes of groups. The games are always great clean fun and focus on the group dynamic to ensure people get to know each other and enjoy spending time together. Working together in the community requires a special and solid group of people. Our church team building activites for adults strengthen your team by focussing on collaboration, teamwork, communication and fun! All the elements you need when working with the local community. A fantastic way to reconnect, our church team building activities remind your group of each others strengths, and the importance of giving each member a chance to shine. Conducting church team building activites doesn’t have to be complicated – we take care of everything for you! Give your group a chance to have fun together and establish powerful and effective bonds.
Church team building activities for adults, teens and kids alike, will help your group build rapport and reinforce values.

Family and Friend days or Just for Fun: Sometimes we have groups who come together that are just a large family or group of friends who have no other reason for doing something than just getting out for some fun – just because! We definitely have the answer!