School & University Programs

How about amping up the excitement of your next school excursion or orientation day with a unique and engaging activity that has real-world, personal and professional developmental outcomes?

Whether it’s getting acquainted with the city, learning to work with your fellow classmates or exploring the real value of solid teamwork, our Great Race events are a brilliant way to meet your objectives!

The Amazing Race and Survivor games are fun for all students allowing them to work together as a team towards a common goal. Our professional hosts bring maximum fun for an unforgettable experience that will leave any other school excursion or university induction dead in the water!

Fun is definitely the name of the game but rest assured, our events have real team building outcomes. Your students will need to come together, negotiate, plan, strategise, problem solve and be pushed outside of their comfort zones to complete the game. Though this style of team building event has traditionally been the domain of big companies, used as an investment in the professional development of their teams, we are noticing a marked increase in the application of these games for students. It’s an exceptional way to develop their personal and teamwork skills as they gear towards the workforce. Plus it’s really fun, so they’re much more likely to apply themselves wholeheartedly!


We have designed induction events for the University of NSW, Southern Cross University, Monash University, Deakin University and many more, both on campus and around their respective cities. We have welcomed international university groups from the University of California and the Australian Catholic University amongst others, helped introduce them to the Aussie lifestyle all the while getting acquainted with their new cities. But learning outcomes and orientation aside, these games are about people meeting people. Having fun with a new group helps to create and solidify friendships, it also helps to facilitate communication where it might otherwise be a little difficult or intimidating. It socialises people without the use of alcohol.


We have worked with lots of schools adapting learning objectives, core curriculum lessons, team building outcomes and more into The Amazing Race and Survivor events! We also work with dozens of schools annually to run celebrations for their year 12 students as an alternative to “Muck up day.” All our hosts hold the relevant Working With Children certification for their respective States. The majority have extensive experience engaging with and entertaining students and young people specifically through Theatre in Education.

We design all of our school games to include challenges suitable to the age of the student group. That way, we can ensure the game is pitched correctly for the relevant age and capabilities of the group, as well as to guarantee all students have a fantastic time. Our games are challenging yet achievable. All teams must ‘complete’ the game and our fun-loving hosts are always on hand to help get every team across the line. Invariably, our school groups have fantastic fun and are tremendously rewarded through the shared achievement of conquering each activity together – game on!