Social Events

We’re all about connecting people through unforgettable experiences and that’s what our Social Events are for!

What is a ‘social’ event you ask? Great question. It’s a term we use to encompass all the groups celebrating birthdays, hens parties, sporting group break-ups, groups of friends or any special occasion that brings people together needing an injection of fun!

We take fun seriously because we know that having fun cements an experience in your mind. That’s why our events will be the ones you and your crew talk and laugh about for years to come!

We design all our games in-house to ensure they walk that fine line between keeping it competitive and maintaining the integrity of the game; it’s how we guarantee everyone has a great time no matter what! We have games suitable for all ages, physical abilities and competitive levels as well as a few with the option of having a cheeky drink along the way if that’s your thing 😉

So go on! Find your group among the options below and explore our range of crazy awesome events!

Great Race has been running events for Social groups including birthday parties, hens parties, sporting break ups, bar mitzvahs, family get-togethers and pretty much any other type of group you could imagine for the last 10+ years. Games are in our DNA and we love taking groups out, connecting with them and delivering an unforgettable event!

Hens Party Activities:  Hens parties are always such great fun and we love that we can offer an alternative style of hens activity for groups who are not looking for your traditional sleazy hens activities. Always accessible to all these events won’t make you blush with embarrassment instead buzz with excitement with some healthy competition.

Birthday Party Activities: Looking for something different for your birthday? You’re not alone – if you’re lucky you’ll probably have like 80-something of them in your life so trying to find unique ways of celebrating them is actually pretty hard. Great Race Birthday Events are certainly guaranteed to be both pretty unique but total crowd pleasers! We’ve had groups of all ages come and do out games and no matter how old or young the participants one thing they all have in common is a crazy-massive smile at the end of the day.

Hucks Parties: So ‘Hucks Party’ is definitely a new term that we have embraced primarily due to necessity! We’ve found that there are so many groups contacting us looking for an activity that both sides of the wedding party can play together! The design of the day can come in different ways – maybe doing something together at the start of the day and then splitting for the evening, or this being the only activity you need on the schedule for a competitive, simple hucks day. Either way we love where the world is going with this and we look forward to more of it!

Other Events: This isn’t our most creative title but it certainly works! This category is for all the groups that don’t fit into a particular mold. We have run events for family get-togethers, mar mitzvahs, church groups, school parents social clubs, fathers day, sports break-ups and the list goes on!