Graduate Inductions

We offer interactive and exciting activities that are designed to coincide as part of your Graduate or General Work Induction program. These events are typically used to inject some fun into (the often) nerve-wracking induction process for new employees – this could include any new cohort of employees, graduates, or interns.

One of the major benefits of graduate and staff induction events is that they can reiterate information in a fun way, introduce the local area of your offices, and help develop important bonds and relationships to take into the workplace.  As part of the work induction process for new members of the team, we make sure our games are pitch perfect for the age range, demographic and industry of your newbies.
We offer the ability to cement your working culture with your new colleagues and introduce everything that is important to you as an organisation: what you stand for, the working environment, values, ethics, expectations, and goals.

Check out our options below or get in touch here to discuss your company induction process and how we can be a part of it.


Great Race work induction and team building activities are also a good insight to how an individual may function within a team environment and how they hold themselves in various stressful and competitive scenarios.

We love to highlight personality types within a group, and employee induction provides the perfect opportunity to do this. By validating all different styles and acknowledging that everyone has the ability to contribute to the overall success of their team, these activities are an ideal addition to any type of work induction program. The events we use as part of a company induction process help to give a unique insight into each individual’s interpersonal skills particularly when it comes to relating with their colleagues and working together to achieve a common goal. Individuals certainly benefit from being part of these work induction activities, too!

Our events aim to provide an ice-breaking atmosphere to the work induction process by creating a focus outside the individual. Starting a new job can be sometimes a little intimidating, and the amount of information somewhat overloading. Even the number of forms to fill out as part of an employee induction process can get a little tiresome. The method is vital as to how they continue working with the company, setting a tone for the relationship they form with their new work and colleagues, and our activities can help this process be engaging, informative, fruitful, social and fun!

Graduate employee induction programs are something we’ve been long associated with for various companies around Australia. Many of the same companies engage our services and events time and again as part of their induction process for new employees.

Here’s some staff induction case studies outlining how our events can fit into any corporate environment, and to give you a taste of what we get up to!

Brief: Holden wanted a practical method of reiterating their enterprise’s commitment to FUN as part of their annual new employee induction event.

Outcome: Using a fleet of the latest Holden vehicle range we split the group into teams of 5 people, getting them ready for a car rally around Melbourne. The challenges teams had to do en-route included visiting different Holden Dealerships with set tasks at each.

The course also highlighted the city taking in the CBD, to the beaches, to the forest! It gave participants an insight to the rich history that Holden has with Australia and being timed just before Christmas even included a little tinsel!

We’ve now run this event every year and still look forward to it!

Brief: KWM have a very strong focus on team and culture within their organisation so part of their Summer Clerks program is to include an event that focuses on teamwork while having fun to celebrate the end of the program.

Outcome: We have come to learn (and appreciate) through experience that lawyers tend to be extremely competitive people! We knew the perfect event for this group would be a Custom Amazing Race.

This game was to include particularly difficult puzzling challenges, extremely difficult and cryptic clues and public interaction challenges that will push comfort zones. As far as our game designers were concerned, this game was to push the limits of what we would typically put a corporate group through. And boy was it met with gusto and enthusiasm – and continues to be to this day.

We always look forward to hosting our KWM Amazing Race days! Right from the opening ceremony we love looking out into a sea of faces bursting with anticipation and watching the aftermath of an intense battle during the closing ceremony when bragging rights are won and lost!