Client Engagement Events

We are in the business of connecting people through fun, so we know just how important it is to build strong relationships with your clientele. And not just any relationship, but authentic, unique, real-world relationships that bond and make the work you do together more enjoyable, meaningful, and profitable. Client engagement activities are a great way to form and nurture such relationships.

Every business needs a workable relationship with their valued clientele. These client engagement events could involve something as simple as taking them out for drinks or a meal, others will host a conference or meeting. Then there are some businesses give the Masters of Fun (that’s us) a call and really show their clientele how much they care about their business relationship – breaking from the norm and heading outside for an amazing client engagement event or an exciting indoor client engagement activity that dials up the laughs, breaks down barriers, and helps to form a solid relationship.

So, for the perfect way to connect with your clientele, or simply to say thanks for doing business, check out our favourite games to team up with your next client engagement event!

Case Study

Nearly every business is built of relationships. For many companies, the relationship between your office and the clientele is critically important for your mutual success. If you really want to get to know your clientele in your client engagement events, you’ll need more than just a boozy lunch. And most importantly you need something that is inclusive and appeals to everyone. Our outdoor adventure client engagement activities and indoor client engagement events are the perfect way to shake up the status quo. We tailor each occasion for the company and for the intended goal – fun doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter, and our client engagement activities can be shaped to fit any situation.

You can tell we’ve done this before. For safekeeping here are some personal favourite client engagement events:

Brief: The marketing team behind Tooheys Extra Dry wanted to create a themed Amazing Race client engagement activity and invite 5 advertising agencies along who were all vying for their next contract. That is certainly racing outside the box. While the winning team didn’t necessarily win the contract, it was definitely looked upon favourably by the Tooheys marketing team. The game itself needed to test the agencies’ knowledge of the product, include a creative concept for a social media or app component, and test how far they would go to win the game!

Outcome: Despite the competitive circumstances, all agencies were in great spirits and took to the challenge with ferocity and focus. We designed checkpoint challenges that asked teams to design an app (while en route! That’s quick creative problem solving for you!) and they presented their idea at the end of the game. We also had stag horn quoits, beer tasting, and Tooheys Trivia, all to test teams love for the product and have them getting involved with the company from a unique angle. The game was a huge success and a great way for the agencies to get hands-on with the Tooheys Extra Dry brand.

Brief: The advertising industry is big on boozy networking and client engagement events where no one actually networks. The team at Moove media were looking for something totally different as a client engagement event that would offer value to their clients and get them mingling. They also wanted to impart knowledge of the Moove brand in a fun and engaging way.

Outcome: We worked with Moove to create the Amazing ‘Mooving’ Race where teams would complete checkpoints challenges themed around all things Moove. Leading up to the game, Moove sent teaser emails with clues and challenges to earn bonus points.

Choosing such a fun client engagement activity combined with drip feeding clues resulted in a great attendance and participation, more so than what you would get from a typical ‘meet us at this bar for drinks and nibbles. From locating moving buses with their advertising, to building a model bus, to using giant slingshots! It was a jam-packed game of Amazing Race style challenges with all teams meeting back at the beautiful Squire’s Landing in Circular Quay for debriefing.

With the best backdrop in Sydney, teams were mingling, swapping stories and getting to know each other and the Moove team. Everyone had an amazing day and commented on the uniqueness of the client engagement activity.

Brief: One of the leading Ad Agencies in Sydney was vying for the contract to market a leading telecommunications company. The concept was “random acts of kindness for your loyal customers” and the agency wanted to show the company what their concept would look like in the real world before their proper pitch presentation.
Enter our client engagement event.

Outcome: The telecommunications company was split into smaller teams with one person from the agency so they could form better relationships during the day. Each team was given a camera and an envelope containing a list of random acts of kindness that teams had to complete. Then they hit the streets and found creative ways to give back to the locals and deliver acts of kindness to unsuspecting strangers. Capturing all the magic moments on film to share with the other groups upon their return.

Watching the films back really allowed for the concept to hit the hearts of the marketing team, and with an awesome pitch after the activity, the agency was able to convince the company to go with their concept!

Everyone agreed that this style of client engagement event was a unique and impactful way to pitch a big concept to a big marketing team, getting everyone on board and gifting them a rewarding day out in the process.