Amazing Races

Amazing Races have fast become one of the most popular team building, birthday and hens party activity options around, and for good reason: they’re adventurous, they’re interactive, and there’s something about following clues and making your way around the city that brings out the inner child in everyone!

So, what is an Amazing Race? The concept is based on a popular TV show where teams fly to destinations across the world and have to complete physical, mental & eating challenges in a giant race to the final checkpoint. Our Amazing Races take all the best bits of this hit TV show without ever having to leave the country! We turn your city into a giant interactive game where the streets and parklands become your playground.

If you’re thinking this sounds similar to a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt, you’re (kinda) right. The difference is in the interactive checkpoint challenges you do with our hosts along the way, and all the interesting gameplay elements such as deciding whether to open your secret challenge or not, attempting a sneaky sabotage mission, choosing between two different options in a Detour challenge, and coming face-to-face with Lady Luck. While a scavenger or treasure hunt might have you looking at plaques, an Amazing Race will have you attempting to eat a strange combination of foods while at the same time watching out for saboteur teams and trying to decipher the secret code hidden inside a 3D magic eye puzzle before your next checkpoint. So when you put it like that, it’s hard to go past the Amazing Race for your next corporate activity, birthday celebration or hens party.


With over 10 years of experience we reckon we’ve cracked the code on what makes an Amazing Race amazing. When you play with us you’re guaranteeing a ridiculously fun and engaging experience for your group. Here’s why:

Our hosts are professional actors who love games and bring all the heart and humour your could hope for. It’s why we call them hosts and not facilitators, because facilitators sounds way too ‘blah’ to encapsulate the energy they bring to each event.

Most of our Amazing Race games give teams the power to choose the order in which they complete each checkpoint. This means each team must work together to plan and strategize the ultimate route. The even better part about this is teams will cross paths during the course which makes it way more exciting and competitive! It also keeps everyone guessing as to their place in the race, which avoids any team feeling deflated because they think they’re at the back of the pack.

From construction tasks, food eating relays to creative photo challenges, our challenges are a) umm, so much fun, and b) specifically designed to require everyone in the team to work together and have their hero moment.

We add awesome elements that take the game to the next level and satisfy the inner child in all of us. Our secret challenge envelope, bonus bonanza, sabotage mission and risk vs. reward challenge are just some of the fun you can expect. Some challenges are also graded with the top performing teams winning bonus time deductions which gives everyone a little winning moment!

We keep the distance easy and the challenges tricky so that winning has nothing to do with being fit or fast; this is designed to be awesome fun for every single person in your team.

We run Sydney Amazing Races, Melbourne Amazing Races and Amazing Races in Brisbane. Outside of these areas, just ask us! We have provided fun-filled team building, birthday party, and hens party adventures in most of Australia’s capital cities and regional areas.