University Orientation Events

Here at Great Race, we have organised a host of different University events both on-campus and off, with the purpose of giving students an orientation of their new campus or city and/or getting everyone mingling, socialising and bonding in a fun, competitive but clean (non-alcohol fuelled) event.

Most universities are trying to move away from O-week and social activities that historically have centred around alcohol. The benefits of our University programs is that the outcomes are hidden inside an awesomely fun activity that doesn’t even miss the alcohol.

These are our two most popular games for University groups, but head over to our Corporate Activities page if you’re looking for more event options.


From an orientation perspective, our Amazing Race events can be designed to get students using your campus map to locate and interact with services and locations of interest turning the entire university into an interactive game. If you have overseas students taking them out on the Amazing Race is such a great way to learn the city or CBD of their new town! Within a few, short hours not only will they have seen the best the city has to offer but have a greater understanding of how to get around and most importantly, made some new friends doing it.

The Survivor challenge works particularly well as a social activity that comes to you! Typically done during the day, the competitive and exciting nature of the games will peak an interest from students encouraging them to attend. Focusing on the group dynamic the games prompt participants to bond forging lasting relationships.


As a selling point to the students, our events can be billed literally as an amazingly fun social event but what they’ll also be taking away is a better awareness of their new location, meet new people and have an easy point of reference as an ice-breaker. Also, the benefits of this style of activity gives participants experience of working as a team to help hone their interpersonal and teamwork skills.


Our university events have been organised all over the country including regional areas as a popular and accessible option for universities in more remote areas. For example, we designed a collection of events as part of O-Week celebrations for La Trobe University around the Bendigo town centre and campus. As part of an initiative to encourage prospective students to choose Southern Cross University in Lismore we created an orientation event that highlighted different departments and services the university had to offer. Australian Catholic University bring a cohort of international students to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and as part of their orientation organise an Amazing Race that has been specifically designed to give them a better understanding of the layout of each city and highlight their main attractions.

To book an O-week activity that you’ll actually remember, get in touch!