Terms of Service

  • In this Terms of Service, ‘us’ ‘we’ or ‘our’ means [Great Race] (ABN 25 152 243 859). ‘You’, ‘Your’ refers to the client/customer.
  • You acknowledge and understand that Great Race employ the use of third party suppliers and contractors and act as both suppliers and organisers for your event. The term “services” is to be understood in its widest meaning and incorporates any activity provided for you by Great Race.
  • Great Race reserve the right to amend this document at any time and without prior notice.


  • Quotations are valid for 30 calendar days from date of issue.


Event pricing is based on two factors:

  • Minimum Event Fee – This is the minimum amount necessary for us to put on your event and will be for up to a set number of participants.
  • Per Person Fee – This is the amount charged per person after you exceed the number of participants included in the minimum event fee.
  • Event Total – This is the combination of the above.


Corporate & Educational Institutions

  • Full payment is required to confirm your event.
  • Final participant numbers will be collected within seven (7) days of your event, where any additional participants above the original event total will be added and sent via separate invoice. This invoice is due prior to your event.

Private Groups

  • A $200
  • Full payment is due seven (7) days prior to your event. Participant numbers will also be finalised at this point.

Following your payment, your event date/s and time/s are confirmed.

Please note that until we receive this payment, your event is not confirmed and we can not guarantee availability of dates or times.


Like all event companies, we require third party contractors and suppliers and are bound by minimum terms with these entities. We therefore incur charges for events cancelled within particular time frames. Due to this, we must institute a cancellation policy.

You must communicate your request to cancel an event in writing to Great Race. You can do so using the admin@greatrace.com.au email address.


The following cancellation fees apply depending on the time between your cancellation request and the date of your event:

Cancellation Fees
Time Until Event

Percentage of Total
Event Fee Retained by Great Race

2 Months 25%
1 Month 50%
14 Days 100%


  • Just like cancellations, rescheduling affects the use of third party suppliers and contractors required to complete our services. We will make all reasonable attempts to accommodate your request, however, rescheduling is at the total discretion of Great Race.
  • You must provide your request to reschedule in writing to admin@greatrace.com.au (or your event manager/games master).
  • We understand that sometimes circumstances occur that are beyond your control. Therefore, in some situations that occur within 14 days of the event, we may offer the following flexibility.
Rescheduling Fees
Time Until Event Amount Retained by Great Race Amount Credited for
Rescheduled Event
14 Days 25% 75%
Your event credit must be used within 3 months of your rebooking date. If it’s not used within 3 months, your credit will be forfeited.


  • In order to provide the absolute best experience possible, and due to our obligations with contractors and suppliers, we need to be reasonably strict with our timeframes for events.
  • When you’ve chosen the date and time of your event, you’ll be sent an info pack that’s specific to your event. Inside will be the start and end times. We ask that all participants be at the start location 15mins prior to the start time. This is so you can be “checked-in” and ready to kick-off shortly after the start time.
  • If you are more than half an hour past the start time we may have to shorten your race to accommodate for that time.
  • If you are more than an hour late to the event, we may need to cancel your event. In this case, your full event fee will be forfeited.


  • Great Race are covered by a $20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance policy that covers all participants for any injury or damage caused while participating in our events in the way that we have stated them to be participated in.
  • To the extent permitted by law, Great Race (inclusive of subcontractors/agents/third parties) will not be held liable for indirect, special, or incidental, punitive, exemplary or consequential loss, costs, expenses and damages (inclusive of the loss of data, profits, or opportunity whether direct or indirect) incurred or suffered by you in connection with your event. This is regardless of contract breaches, tort (incl. negligence) or warranty, under statute, or any other basis of liability.
  • While our events are not very physical, we recommend that anyone concerned about a pre-existing medical condition or general fitness level to consult with their health professional prior to participating in our events.
  • At the time of your event, you will be required to sign a disclaimer that indemnifies Great Race, it’s employees, subcontractors, agents or any third party from responsibility for injury, loss, or other damages.This is a requirement from our insurer, and we must comply with their request for both our, and your, benefit.
  • In the event that a claim is to be made, Great Race ensures to take reasonable actions within reasonable time frames to comply with your requests and that of the insurer.


  • You agree that any media, including photographs and videos while on the event, and for the purpose of the event, is to remain the property of Great Race. Limited personal use permission is granted to you by Great Race to view/listen to the media for personal, non-commercial purposes only.
  • These images and videos may be used across social media, our website or other digital platform at our discretion. Should you not wish for your images, including company branding, to be used in this way, you must stipulate this wish in writing. In this event, Great Race will make all reasonable attempts to not publish the images, but should they appear, we will happily remove them from digital platforms by request.
  • Permission must be requested to reuse, reproduce, publish, broadcast or distribute this content on any commercial or public medium, including social media.
  • Any media containing sensitive information, including but not limited to solutions to puzzles and challenges, must not be published under any circumstances.


  • Great Race will not be held liable under any circumstances in the event of force majeure, which includes but is not limited to acts of God, government actions, transport malfunctions, war, riots, public action, and the like that is outside the reasonable control of Great Race.


  • These terms of service constitute the entire agreement between you and Great Race and replaces any previous version of these terms in respect to your event.
  • You acknowledge that failure, on our part, to exercise or enforce any right or provision within in this document does not in any way relinquish or waiver the right of Great Race stipulated within this document and any provisions remain in full force and effect.
  • Your obligations may not be assigned under these terms without written approval from Great Race. Amendments to these terms from Great Race, however, is at our sole discretion and may be made without prior notice.


If you’re unsure of any of the terms detailed above, we’re more than happy to answer any and all questions. You can contact us on admin@greatrace.com.au or on 1300 504 152.