Creative Activities

Great Race employs many imaginative types of people: actors, filmmakers, game creators, and 8th Grade Ballroom Dancing Champions (that one was a surprise to us too). We know first hand the benefits of expressing yourself through creativity and relish in the opportunity to encourage innovative thought with the businesses and individuals we work with.

Creative team activities are the perfect way to engage the group by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones in a safe and friendly environment. They are challenged in a different way from many of our other adventure/competitive creative team building activities; they are asked to think differently and work differently. They discover aspects of each other’s personalities that would otherwise remain hidden and they take away a great sense of achievement having completed something that they would have previously thought impossible.

We know that convincing your colleagues to go join our creative virtual team building activities is going to be tricky; it does sound a little intimidating. Our solution? Don’t tell them! Just trust us when we say the outcomes will be more than you could hope for and we’ll break the news for you. We dare you to try one of the creative team building games below

At Great Race, we pride ourselves on hustling groups of people to band together to have fun in our creative team activities. It is our main goal to foster relationships between people to feel more connected and make memories with each other that lasts. Our team includes driven, highly qualified, and imaginative people, who have extensive experience in the performing arts, to know how to make a magical moment for you and your colleagues. In the next few sections, we will be going over the incredible benefits of joining our creative team building games and creative virtual team building activities.



Creativity is a word we associate with making or producing something. But the root meaning of the word is “to make grow”. It encourages individuality, promotes connection and opens us up to new people, thoughts and experiences. It’s also about problem solving, innovation, and approaching a task from a different angle. In this modern world, innovation is more important than ever before, and companies who are able to find new ways to do the same thing are trailblazers in their field.

We have an inspiring selection of creative team building games that will delight and ignite the group. They require you to be bold, innovative, to back yourself, trust each other, share, collaborate openly, and be honest. We can’t think of any better outcomes you could want from our creative team building activities


‘Play in a day’ and ‘Impro Gladiators’ will see groups working on their sense of play. A selection of hilarious drama game favourites will free the group up and encourage them to make and accept offers or ideas.

The Apprentice and Film Fest encourages groups to work collaboratively to produce either a short film or a brand pitch that is then presented in front of the whole group so you can delight in the success of your colleagues. Employees must learn to communicate not only with each other, but also their concepts and idea. Clarity is key!

In all of these creative team building games, there is no right or wrong. We’re posing a task to which the only possibility is success. This is a tremendously freeing structure and people’s sense of play and creativity is infectious. We have countless stories of members coming out of their shell and surprising everyone with their hidden talents and personality.

The nature of these events being innovative gives greater scope to tailor and customise the icebreaker to focus on your particular conference themes, missions, values or even your products.


Here are some of our favourite reasons to choose creative team activities for your group: 

Creativity is diverse – Imagination is practised in many varying forms. The need and demand for imaginative thinkers exist in all businesses and professions and this is why we encourage creative team building games for your staff.

Innovation promotes self expression – We all strive to understand ourselves better and to identify where we fit in this world, be it at work or at home. Artistic endeavours allow individuals to be surprised and surprise others by discovering different parts of themselves.

Expressiveness encourages new thoughts and develops problem solving skills – Imaginative thinkers are great problem solvers. All artistic practices encourage an open-minded and often collaborative approach to problem solving.

Imagination reduces anxiety and stress –  Being innovative has positive and calming benefits on the mind. This is why so many people use artistic projects to unwind. Whether it’s the process or the outcome, the act of producing invites a feeling of contentment.

Creativity promotes self pride and a sense of purpose – Seeing an idea develop into something tangible is extremely satisfying.

Artistry proceeds innovation – Every advancement we have ever made was born from a new idea. To be innovative you must encourage and practice imagination and creativity. As Albert Einstein said. “Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Imagination is FUN! – When we become adults we often forget what it is like to play. Artistry is a way to keep your mind young and to encourage your inner child to come out to play. Play is essential to an individual’s well-being and happiness.

So get in touch and we can make the perfect creative team building activities together!

At Great Race, we have been associating with many businesses with many incredible memories for 13 years and have been running more than 500 events a year for education, social, and corporate groups. We remind our workers of the importance of having fun as it not only strengthens relationships, creating long-lasting memories, and provides a positive effect on your colleagues, companions, and family. We cater to all sizes big or small, whether you are a group or team or staff of 300 people, you can be rest assured you will be entertained. Our goal is to provide creative team building games that recognise the talents and personalities of each group member. We encourage innovativeness to bring your business to success. 

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