About Us

We are people-people
Games are our jam!
We love personalities
We’re competitive… in a good way
Making and having fun is in our DNA
We are easy to work with
We thrive on human connection and interaction

Our team is made up of a collection of passionate and inspired people that together create the most FUN team building activities available in Australia. Started in 2008 by Josh and Brett (our directors), our purpose has always been to connect people through unforgettable experiences. Along the way we have not only gathered a team of passionate people but created new friends because building our team has always been as important as building yours. Our team of hosts are all professional actors, and not just any old actor, we look for professionals with live performance experience, actors who understand how to engage and who can connect with your team. Our team has grown to cross borders with a network of colleagues across several cities bringing fun to wherever you are.

As far as ‘About Us’ web pages go this is an important one for you to read, as the experience you are planning right now is made memorable by the ‘US’ part of this company.


Our mission is to provide our customers with an event that is not just memorable for being fun but brings participants closer together by allowing all different types of personalities to shine. Our events should highlight how every individual is different and how each of those differences are important to a team and should be celebrated. Our belief and goal will always be that the key factors that set our events above the rest is the planning, thought, detail and the thorough preparation that goes into a game followed by the delivery presented by our coveted event hosts. Investing in staff, product development and resources continues to develop our games ensuring they are market leading, innovative events. We consider our staff and their unique minds to be one of our strongest and most valuable resources and we encourage the innovative ideas and distinctive value that comes through staff contribution.


Tooting your own trumpet doesn’t sit too comfortably with us but nonetheless we are extremely proud to have had it tooted for us. We were very fortunate to have been featured on Channel 9’s Getaway and Channel 7’s Sydney Weekender as part of a cross-promotion with The Amazing Race (the actual TV show).