Online Filmfest

Forced isolation and the subsequent cancellation of many forms of go-to entertainment venues has been a real shock to the system, but adversity breeds innovation. Thankfully, current circumstances have also brought about a very welcomed increase to the volume of people wanting to share hilarious online content of themselves.

Lip-syncing classic songs, daily isolation video updates, new lockdown themed song lyrics to old songs; the creative juices are flowing!

These videos offer a distraction, some sunshine and humour during these crazy times. They are a way for us to connect with our friends and colleagues and keep our minds off what we read in the news.

With all this in mind we have created the Online Film Fest event that to uncover the hidden talents and comics in your team, you’ll also be delighted and surprised at how so many non-gregarious people find a way of to shine in this challenge. This is a way for the team to communicate and share their thoughts and feelings with each other in a unique and fun way.




people 6 – 100+ participants

locationLocation: The comfort of your own lounge room or home office. This game is online but we had to write something in this section to keep our website nice and uniformed!


timeRecommended Duration = 30-60mins but up to 90mins


The challenge is for your team to create a short video based on a particular theme or genre. They can use whatever device or app they wish to create their masterpiece and they will the need to submit their film for to our team to review before the deadline, whether that’s two days or two weeks.

To showcase the talents of the team, we preselect a suitable time and date for the screening. Via Zoom, we will then showcase the best films. Individuals will only know if their film is a finalist on screening night. Once all films have been screened we then run an awards ceremony where we will announce the winners of several categories from ‘best actress’ to ‘best film’. This event is one of our most popular offline events and we are excited for teams to experience the joy and wow-factor of the online version. It’s so good to see your colleagues in such a different light.

This event can play out in a multitude of formats. Perhaps we are recreating famous films, we could be asking participants to create a documentary or mockumentary of their life working from home. We could ask a collective group of participants to film themselves lip-syncing to a popular song. We take all videos and cut them together to make a hilarious feel good video clip of the entire song. Everyone’s cameo will be featured at some point and some of the more gregarious performers getting a starring role for going the extra mile. For larger teams submitting their own Tik-Toks is also a possibility.

We really are only limited by our imagination with this online activity, so if you have an idea that you feel is crazy and you are not sure if you can pull it off, we want to hear from you!


  • Best TikTok
  • Music Video Clip
  • Family Viral Video
  • Short Film Competition


  • Two professional actor hosts
  • Meeting Place Management
  • Hosting
  • Editing


  • Engagement
  • Fun
  • Connectivity
  • Creativity


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