Indoor Activities

If you’re looking for some indoor team building activities that will engage a group, inject some fun and energy, and be as rewarding as it is entertaining, then you have found yourself in the perfect place in cyberspace!

We create indoor team building games that turns the interior into a powerhouse of play.

Whether you’re after an intimate team event at your office or a high-impact conference breakout or energiser, we promise your colleagues will be delighted by our arsenal of amazing indoor team building games!

We design all our indoor team building activities to be fun and inclusive. We create a safe and supportive environment that allows all personality types to ‘let loose’ and feel valued. Even those that have a fear of active participation will only find joy in what we do! Check out our selection of indoor games for team building for your next conference, corporate dinner, or team day.


Our interactive indoor team building activities are hosted by professional actor hosts, which helps ensure a high-energy, fun and memorable experience regardless of the venue or the number of participants! We love transforming your offices into your own private gaming domain or bursting into your conference venue with all the fun you need to get you over that afternoon slump.


Whether you’ve already got a venue or are looking for suggestions, we’ve worked with hundreds of spaces and can adapt our experiences to suit your agenda, space, food service, and even incorporate your conference theme or team charter. We’ve adapted many of our fun indoor corporate events to suit all kinds of needs! We will liaise with the venue of your choice to discuss AV requirements, or we can provide all the AV equipment we need to help deliver an unforgettable experience.


We have several types of indoor team building activities to suit all kinds of requirements. Our array of offerings can take many forms and can be adjusted or edited to better fit a narrative, so let us work with you to find the perfect style of experience that’s tailored to what you have in mind!
Our indoor team building games and activities include Adventure Trivia and Game Show, both of which are hugely popular and are perfect for large group get-togethers or conference breakouts where participants are seated at tables. We combine the room set up with a lot of fun, and a little imagination, that gets participants up and moving to shake things up.
Another one of our indoor team building games is Minute To Win It. Minute To Win It becomes a competitive spectacle as individuals show off their skills in order to drive their side to victory. With a huge variety of wacky possibilities, it’s super fun and the perfect energizer for starting the day off with a BANG.

One of the things we love about these experiences: Game Show, Adventure Trivia and Minute To Win It; is that everyone is together for the entire game which enables us to focus on the whole group dynamic. People get to share in every magic moment. The in-jokes that eventuate after a few hours of playing with your colleagues are priceless!

These indoor team building games are very flexible when it comes to duration, meaning we can squeeze into your schedule or take up the whole afternoon – whatever suits best for your proposed endgame!
Two of our more creative indoor team building activities are Film Fest and The Apprentice. These two experiences push the boundaries of your team and take participants out of their comfort zone in a way that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Whilst these particular experiences are sometimes the hardest sell for some participants, the results are often the most surprising and rewarding.
One of our Film Fests really taps into the participants’ creative side! Groups are given a camera and a brief, which can include a conference theme, company value set, etc. and get creating! We’ve seen some AMAZING results where Film Fest has featured as part of an indoor corporate event, and the showing is always inspirational a lot of fun.

The Apprentice is another creative and inspiring experience. Like the TV show, it’s highly creative, competitive, inspirational and fun! We can also easily custom this experience to include themes or content that relates to your company’s values and/or goals.
No matter which one of our experiences you choose, we look forward to helping you create indoor team building activities that participants will be raving about for years to come!