School/Uni Amazing Race

Amazing Races are fast becoming the preferred activity for schools and universities alike to assist in delivering learning objectives in a fun and competitive way. Whether your objective is simply to help your students get to know each other better or to advance their team working, negotiating and leadership skills, the Amazing Race is an effective, memorable way to do it!

For school groups, the Amazing Race encourages students to work together as a team in order to achieve their unified goal of completing the game, they can only do this by working together well! At the conclusion of the event, though only one team will be named the overall winner of the game, all teams share in the glory through their united achievement. It really is rewarding to see the satisfaction of the students as they cross the finish line together with huge grins on their faces!

For University groups, our Amazing Race focuses on the team dynamic which is an invaluable tool for students preparing to enter into the workforce. Understanding how each person’s individual character works within a team, appreciating the different skills of others in the team and witnessing the valuable contribution that all of those differences make is an extremely important perspective to gain.

SCHOOLS: Our School Amazing Races can be hosted in most major capital cities and are suitable for both groups who are visiting the city as a means to help orientate/sight-see and also for local school groups as a fun excursion to get everyone away from school for a day.

UNIVERSITIES: Our University Amazing Races are an extremely popular activity to facilitate introducing students to a new city; but they work just as well for local students who know the town! More than just orientation activities, these games are about forging relationships and working together, thus they also work brilliantly for end of term festivities or as a celebration as part of a program.