Hens Party Activities

So you’re organising a hens party but you don’t want to do the ‘typical’ thing… and you want to make sure all of the bride’s friends will be included… and you want to ensure everyone has a brilliant time even though they don’t all know each other… stress no more, we’ve got you covered girl!

At Great Race, we see hens parties as an awesome excuse to share an unforgettable experience with your closest friends and family – not a reason to party with a plethora of phallic ornaments! Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, you just gotta do you boo – and that’s not for everybody.

So if you’re looking for something a little different for your hens party activities, explore our events and imagine yourself tearing around your city with your favourite hens completing challenges, solving puzzles and sneaking in a few cheeky wines (if that’s what you want!).

So get cracking with that invite list – the more the merrier!


Not all hens are the same. Same goes for hens party organisers. Some hens love being the centre of attention and that’s awesome, but some don’t and that’s okay too. Our events suit both types so no matter how loud and proud or shy and dry, they’re going to remember this day with a big grin on their face – promise.

We’ve got the best hosts in the biz. All our hens party games Australia are hosted by professional actors or comedians meaning the day is an entertaining experience guaranteed to turn your energy way up and get you laughing so much your face hurts!

It’s easy. The price of your event includes everything you need to complete the event. All you have to do is turn up! You don’t have to think of any hens games ideas, we do all the work for you.

Great ice-breaker. Our events work particularly well if you have several friendship groups coming together. You can mix the teams up and get all the hens chatting or keep the groups familiar knowing that by the end of the game, they’ll be desperate to share and compare stories, photos and tactics! We’ve got the kind of hens day games that are super fun, super social, and get everyone involved & working together.
We’re the Masters of Fun.

We gamify your day. We make it active. Which makes it FUN! But don’t let the word ‘active’ fool you, we invoke competition through thinking outside the box, creativity, solving riddles, playing games – a moderate walk is as physical as it gets! Of course if you’re a green-smoothie, activewear-loving, sporty-spice kind of crew, you do you! But just know that the fastest team won’t necessarily win these games 😉 Strategy, efficiency and teamwork will help you more here than your strength.

It’s something different. Hens party ideas are constantly evolving, and so are our hens. You may not be after the traditional big night on the town, so why not check out our hens party ideas, like the Amazing Race, Survivor, or the Hens Scavenger Hunt. Our timing is flexible, so you can kick off in the morning, before/after lunch, in the afternoon before dinner, or a twilight game. Our hens party games are great for getting your outdoor fix, seeing your city in a brand new light, and just generally coming together as a group and doing something interactive. Hens parties don’t have to be boring!

We’re inclusive. All ages from all walks of life will enjoy this. Our hens party games are never overly physical and suitable for mother-of-the-bride, even Grandma! We don’t do ‘phallic-straw’ type games, these are events for folks who are ‘young-at-heart’ and want to get out, let their hair down and have a great time celebrating together. Our hens party planners believe love is love- and we love our LGBTQI+ hens! No matter who you love, Great Race has got your hens games ideas sorted. So let’s party.

So let our experienced hens party planners create your perfect bachelorette party! It’s the perfect start to a big hens day, or an awesome precursor to a night out on the town. Either way we guarantee you’ll walk away laughing, sharing photos and stories all the way down the aisle and beyond!
Whether it’s a hens night in Melbourne, an afternoon game in Sydney, a post-brunch event in Brisbane, or a Perth party you’re after, we’ve got you covered! Come to us for your hens party games Australia. We can offer these games in several iconic locations in NSW, Queensland, WA and Victoria.