Hens Scavenger Hunt

Satisfy your competitive inner child with an old-school scavenger hunt! Following a simple, take-it-at-your-own pace format, this is perfect if you’re after a fun, light-hearted hens party activity.

If you’re after something kinda like a scavenger hunt but a bit more interactive, check out our Classic Amazing Race or Amazing Race with Bars. If a traditional hens treasure hunt is exactly what you’re vibing, then look no further!


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Hens Party Amazing Race Tangram Puzzle Challenge

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Hens Scavenger Hunt Challenge In Bar Celebrating

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Hens Scavenger Hunt Dress Up Challenge

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Hens Party Angels Dress Up Scavenger Hunt


people 6-120

locationsStart Locations:
Sydney: Observatory Hill, The Rocks

Melbourne: Treasury Gardens, off Spring St

Brisbane: Queens Gardens, CBD

Other locations: Please contact us

time Start times: 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm, or 5:30pm (subject to availability)

Duration: Approx 2.5 hours


Our charismatic host will meet your team and explain everything you need to know about the game in our entertaining opening ceremony. We then play an all-in challenge to separate the order in which teams can begin! Each team will be faced with a series of challenges in different categories. Each challenge will vary in difficulty; the harder the challenge, the more points you’ll earn! Your team will need to complete a minimum of two challenges of your choice from each category, and attempt to accrue as many points as possible before time runs out…

Item Search and Rescue: Find, source, create, beg or borrow items from our eclectic list. This category will appeal to the creatives with a good ability to problem solve.

Location Location!: These challenges require your team to find a specific location using maps, general knowledge, or assistance from the locals.

Puzzling Puzzler: Time to visit some of your favourite puzzle style games. From Find-A-Word, Spot The Difference, Celebrity Identities, to Riddles and Brain Teasers. Each puzzle has a varying level of difficulty and your team will need to complete at least two of your choice. Solving these puzzles will require somewhere to sit down and some fluids for brain hydration; somewhere like, you know…a BAR!

Making Friends With Strangers: Get ready to approach and interact with some unsuspecting strangers. Those with the gift of the gab will excel at these challenges, but regardless your team will have met some characters and have some great stories to tell!

Filming Frenzy: These video challenges will require a bit of performance from your team. You’ll be faced with a list of skits, songs, and daring tasks to choose from to be captured on film to laugh at later.

When time is up your host will meet you back at the final venue to tally your points. Some challenges will be graded for best performing teams so the winners will be unknown right up until the last minute. During our hilarious closing ceremony we go through some of the magic moments and special mentions of the game, before finally revealing the top scoring team and awarding them with their medals. This game is all about strategy, decision making, lady luck, and good old-fashioned fun!


  • Item Search and Rescue
  • Location, Location!
  • The Sabotage Selfie
  • Puzzling Puzzler
  • Dice Decider
  • Making Friends with Strangers
  • Filming Frenzy


  • Professional Host for your game
  • All checkpoint materials
  • Team folders with all maps, clues, and tasks
  • Medals for everyone in the winning team
  • $20M Public Liability


Choose this game if you’re looking for:

  • An old-school “check off and complete” style game
  • Opportunity to have a few drinks along the way
  • Something light-hearted and not physical


ENQUIRE NOW for an info pack with details on what to bring on the day, starting and finishing locations, teams, how to book, and more!

“I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for the great day on Saturday. Everyone had the best day and it was very professionally run by our host, Samm, who was lovely. Everyone will be talking about the day for months, so again thank you from the bridesmaids and bride.”


“The guys were great, they sure know how to get everyone pumped up. The team had a blast. Nothing but compliments to you all at Great Race!”


“The guys were great, they sure know how to get everyone pumped up. The team had a blast. Nothing but compliments to you all at Great Race!”