Survivor is a chance to get students interacting and getting to know each other through a series of exciting and interactive challenges and games. Played in any grassy area of your choice, we bring the fun to you!


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Survivor Just Out Of Reach Team Building Challenge With Bamboo

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Survivor Giant Sling Target Team Building

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The Rocks Team Bonding Game Amazing Race Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine Ribbon Hoops

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Survivor Outdoor Conference Activity Food Relay Tim Tam Slam Balloon Almost Exploding Goggles Bandana



people6 – 300+ participants

locationWe can play in any large, outdoor grassed area or oval of your choice! We have a range of parks we use regularly and in most situations can work around your location or make alternate suggestions.

timeRecommended duration is 2.5hrs (min duration = 1.5hrs, max duration = 2.5hrs)


Survivor is a collection of multi-faceted outdoor games which focus on the group dynamic, strategic game play, forming alliances, and teamwork. Hosted by professional actors who bring all the game show host vibes you could hope for, this is an entertaining and challenging few hours of fun! Hold this epic event on campus or in another outdoor location of your choice and get your students away from their electronic devices.

The group is split into smaller “tribes” for the duration of the activity as they battle it out for ultimate supremacy. Each tribe will be faced with a collection of challenges that have been designed to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, resilience, and communication. How do you use bamboo sticks to create a contraption to retrieve a puzzle. Or how do piece together a giant foam puzzle to make two different shapes? Are you the fastest eater with the strongest stomach?

Teams begin the game with 5 Scrabble letter tiles and attempt to earn more throughout the duration of the activity. They’ll also receive an Immunity Idol which can be used on one challenge of their choice. Their Scrabble tiles can also be used to purchase head starts and advantages. But is it worth spending a point to gain an advantage? And the best twist of all? If a tribe places last in a challenge they have to give one of their tiles to another team!

The final challenge will see teams attempt to make the highest scoring word they can with all the Scrabble letter tiles they have earned, won and traded throughout the day. Finally the scores are revealed and the winners are announced! Survivor is an awesome orientation, team bonding, or ice breaker university event that students will be raving about for years.


  • Immunity Idols
  • Scrabble Challenge
  • Giant Sling (space permitting)
  • Just Out Of Reach
  • Grid Puzzle
  • Balloon Centurion
  • Riddle Me This
  • Ancient Symbol Memory
  • Triple Puzzler
  • Picture Perfect


  • Professional Hosts (all Aussie actors!)
  • All game materials, challenges, clues, puzzles, and props
  • Medals for everyone in the winning team!
  • $20M Public Liability Insurance


This game is designed to focus on:

  • Team work
  • Delegation & Leadership
  • Time Management, Planning & Strategy
  • Risk Assessment & Management


ENQUIRE NOW for an info pack with details on what to bring on the day, example challenges, teams, how to book, and more!

“Just wanted to personally thank you for the session you and your team provided at the U@UNSW conference. It really met all our boxes and aligned with my debrief. Its especially refreshing to partner with an organisation who just get it without the need for micro-management. So… THANK YOU. I look forward to working with you guys again in the future. I will most definitely contact you.”