Why Outdoor Team Building is The Way To Go

As we begin to navigate a “post covid” world and workers start the return to the office, now more than ever companies are starting to realise the importance of reconnecting their staff after so long apart but doing it in a way that gets them out of their chairs and into the fresh air! Corporate team building events are an excellent way to reconnect with co-workers and build camaraderie, but it’s important to choose the right activities to incorporate into your next team building day and here at Great Race we have the perfect mix of events for you!

Team Bonding:
After such a long time working from home and what seemed like the never-ending roller coaster that was Covid, it’s only natural that people want to reconnect with each other and build rapport. While in-office team bonding activities can be helpful, there’s something to be said for getting the team together outdoors and letting them bond over a fun and interactive outdoor activity. Outdoor team building activities give employees an opportunity not only to bond but also to break down walls and discuss shared experiences and feelings.

Outdoor Team Building Activities:
Here at Great Race Australia, we have a range of fantastic team building events that cater to all fitness levels and are the perfect way to get you and your team out of the office and exploring the beautiful cities we have here in Australia. Our most popular event and what we have built the success of our business off is our Amazing Race! This epic adventure will see each team locate checkpoints by following a map and solving cryptic clues. At each checkpoint, you’ll need to complete a challenge including eating competitions, constructions tasks, cryptic puzzles, and detours! Our Amazing Race is guaranteed to leave you and our team laughing, smiling and talking about it for months after it’s over. Another great event to get the team outdoors is our Survivor Day! Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Inspired by the immunity challenges from the hit T.V. show Survivor, we have created an epic battle to be the winning tribe. With a huge variety of games & challenges, this is an inclusive, entertaining & challenging outdoor team building experience and will be sure to dust off the working from home cobwebs and has something for everyone! The goal of all our outdoor events is to create a sense of connection and community within a team while maximising the FUN!

The Benefits of Outdoor Team Building:
There are tons of benefits to getting outdoors as a team. When you’re outside and connecting with nature, you bring your staff together around a common goal – feeling great and having fun. Getting everyone in on the activity creates a sense of community that connects people, builds trust, and helps increase productivity. Being outdoors is a great way to switch up the normal nine to five and creates an environment where staff must think outside the box. Our outdoor activities and events feature games and challenges that will highlight the individual strengths within your team and when combined create the perfect set of skills to successfully navigate each challenge.

Planning your Workplace Adventure Day:
So now all that’s left to do is book!! A great way to start would be to create a poll within your workplace, find out what people want, what kind of activities interest them, that way you can create the perfect event that everyone will love. Once you have that our team here at Great Race are ready to help plan the perfect event for you and your employees to get out of the office and into the beautiful cities we have here in Australia, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth we’re ready to maximise the FUN and create memories that will last a lifetime! Get in touch with us today on 1300 504 152 to start planning your next corporate adventure day!