It’s sometimes easy to forget the nice things in life, especially when we currently have so much uncertainty, so much isolation and so much unpredictability. Like many in the animal kingdom, humans are a social species, relying on fellow people to communicate, validate and configure our interface with existence. This has undoubtedly affected us in the past year and a bit, as we navigate our way through a new way of living.

What understandably happens when we become emotionally and/or physically isolated? We become sadder, our motivation decreases, and our work ethic drops off. Now, I openly admit I am not a scientist (I am, however, about to start studying Psychology and Neuroscience), but after some research, I have an opinion on one thing that’s missing from all this. What is it?


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moneyPlease enquire

people 6 – 150+ participants

locationLocation: We can run this event in any private indoor venue with room for each team to be seated at a table. Whether it’s your offices, conference centre or function space, we have worked with many different venues around the country. Ask us for suggestions!


timeRecommended Duration = 1.5hrs (min duration = 45mins, max = 1.5hrs)


We are around 30 times more likely to laugh when around others than when we are with ourselves.  That is a huge difference, and especially now that we are more isolated than ever, that is a very relevant statistic. But why? Why does it matter that we are laughing less?

There has been a huge amount of neuroscientific research into the importance of laughter in humans (and other animal species). Without getting too much into the nitty-gritty, laughing triggers chemical reactions in our brains, replacing stress hormones (such as cortisol) with chemicals that we all want in our bodies- dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins, or to put them simply, the ‘feel-good’ hormones. These hormones have a huge range of health benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • enhanced learning
  • enhanced performance and attention
  • increased empathy and feelings of relatedness
  • feel-good sensations and improved mood
  • stress relief
  • better cardiovascular functioning
  • reduced anxiety
  • sense of safety

There is a reason that in times of stress, a simple burst of laughter can decrease our heart rate and lower our blood pressure, along with relaxing muscle tension. It deactivates our fight or flight response, which is responsible for monitoring when we are danger and putting our body into a state of panic.

Even a brief moment of laughter makes us think more clearly, betters the creative part of our brain and establishes connection and empathy with our friends or colleagues. But laughing doesn’t just affect ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally, but it also strongly affects others. Mirror neurons in our brain are hard-wired to pick up on laughing cues, and just like a yawn, laughter is highly contagious. This has been scientifically proven again and again, not only in humans but other animal species, and as a result, is believed to be one of the highest forms of social interaction. Laughter truly is a universal language, proven to traverse all cultures, demographics.

Why am I talking about this? Because now, more than ever, we need laughter. It’s one of the quickest, most accessible ways to access feel-good-feelings and interconnectedness with others. Even ‘voluntary’ laughter (not spontaneous), affects our hormonal system and activates parts of our brains that improves language and planning.

In even better news, we can be infected with laughter over technology. A phone call or a video call are valid ways, so we don’t even need to be in the same place! At The Great Race, we specialise in making ridiculously funny and engaging team building activities that get all of your team in the same place (whether that’s in person or virtually), with the important thing being that we can share our laughter with our colleagues/friends and immediately begin feeling better.

Not only is it healthier for us individually, it benefits workplace morale and drastically improves productivity and motivation.

Book in with us and let’s have a laugh. We all deserve it!


  • Guess the Country
  • Wacky Word puzzles
  • Brain teasers
  • Cryptic Riddles
  • Observation Challenges


  • Professional Hosts (all Aussie actors!)
  • All game materials, answer sheets, & pens
  • Interactive media & sound presentation
  • Projector and speaker (if required)
  • Medals for everyone in the winning team!
  • $20M Public Liability Insurance


  • Connectivity
  • Team Work
  • Fun
  • Engagement


ENQUIRE NOW for an info pack with details!

“Great corporate event. The Team from the Great Race engaged our guys for 2 plus hours of god fun. Everyone got a laugh and all were active participants, start to finish. Big thanks to the GR Team and looking forward to next years event – thoroughly recommended”


“We booked through this company for a work team building event! I can say hands down that it was the best event we’ve ever had!! Em was the best! She was very professional and exciting which made the day even better! Could not recommend this company more! We will be booking again!”


“What an incredible day! Definitely the most fun corporate event I’ve ever attended. The whole booking process was effortless and a big shout out to Josh and Gabe for their amazing energy – the teams had the best day and I will be recommending you to our other offices and friends/family.”


“This was an amazing company to work with & an amazing event. We asked them to organise their Game Show for our incoming freshman university students. To note we are in Canada & they were able to adjust to the time that we wanted the event to be done at & ran trials of the event for us too. Everyone enjoyed themselves, they were able to have fun & our students voted this event the best one out of the whole week!! A true Gem who will go above and beyond for their customers, hopefully they develop more virtual experiences so that we can book them again and for more activities!!”


“Since COVID started, none of our team has seen each other for months so we decided to do an online teams event. The zoom Game Show was so much fun and so well run and hosted by Samm. Highly recommend. These guys are great.!”


“Great Race are absolutely fantastic! Our team were blown away with how advanced, personal, entertaining, fun and capturing their online Game Show was. This event was definitely a highlight of ours and lifted up our entire teams spirits – especially whilst working from home!
We will definitely be using Great Race Australia again for future events and encourage others to use their services too! Thank you again and we will be in touch very soon!”