Unique Team Building That Doesn’t Feel Like Team Building

Remember when your parents would tell you and your siblings that you were going to play an awesome new game which was called “Whoever can get ready for bed the fastest wins!” and without even thinking about it you’d spring in to action to get in to your pajamas, brush your teeth, and jump in to bed before the others. And before your parents knew it, they’d achieved their outcome without any of the kids needing to be coerced into doing it.

At Great Race, we are big believers that team building activities shouldn’t feel like team building. We’ve spent hours designing games and challenges that have multi faceted outcomes. We make sure that no one-personality will be able to outshine any other. We have knowingly constructed the game in such a way that conversations and collaborations between all team members will have to take place in order to succeed at different challenges.

We take the time to build these elements in to the game so that on the day it won’t actually feel like team building at all, but rather an awesome day out of the office and a whole bunch of hilarious memories shared with your colleagues that already have become in-jokes. Why does this work? Because just like parents can trick their kids to do things they don’t want to do by turning the task into a game, adults can get past their lack of enthusiasm for the idea of team building (we can thank all those 90’s trust exercises and Murder Mystery parties for that) if they really just feel like they’re playing a game!

The biggest thing you’ll notice after a Great Race corporate event, whether it’s an Amazing Race or a creative challenge, is how much FUN everyone had. And over a celebratory drink at the end of the game, and at the office next week, and when you email someone who was on your team that day, you’ll be interacting with your colleagues like they’re workmatesFun forms friendships and allows us to trust each other more. Humour opens communication channels and help us to relax as the brain produces dopamine and feel-good chemicals.

Games make things fun. So give us a call and chat about our teambuilding events that won’t feel like teambuilding.