The 5 Board Game Personalities

Every games night you’ve ever hosted or attended, there is always 5 different kinds of players. Regardless of the game or the people involved, everyone seems to fit a role. So be honest, which board gamer are you?


The Know-It-All has experience, they’ve played this game countless times and they aren’t afraid to tell you all about it. They fit the role of the leader and they are more than happy to explain the rules in GREAT detail.

The Know-It-All will frequently hold up the game to explain every minute detail no matter how trivial. The Know-It-All also likes to brag about other times they have won the game and complicated strategies they have used in the past.

They are very competitive and you might find the Know-It-All omitting certain rules until it is convenient for them.

Watch these sneaky tricksters and always consult a second opinion.


The Noob has never played the game before, they may even be completely unfamiliar with board games in general but they will generally have a positive and bubbly outlook.

The Noob doesn’t really care about winning, they’re just excited to play with their friends. The Noob will often stop to try and understand certain more complicated rules but is likely to want to feel it out as the game goes along.

Everyone has been a Noob at some point, make sure you make this player feel welcome.


I’m sure you’ve all met the downer. The player that hates the game and wishes they could play something else. You will often hear them say things like, “this game is stupid, can we play something else?” and “it’s all just based on luck!”

Regardless of the game there will always be someone that wishes that their choice for game night was picked instead. They aren’t afraid to tell you all about it.

You will often find this player sulking, slumped in their chair and checking their watch. You will also find that the Downer only surfaces when they are coming last, when the Downer has a sudden turn of luck, they are likely to turn into the Ruthless Competitor!


This player is out for blood, there is something in them that needs to win at everything! From Boggle to Yahtzee, this player wants to crush you. Regardless of how familiar they are with the game, they need to win it.

The stakes are high for the Competitor, beware.. Whether it’s your best friend, your partner or even your grandma, these players will turn on you. Watch these players carefully, they can become a downer with a roll of the dice.


You won’t see this player coming, they’ll be quiet and unassuming all the way to end game when they reveal their true nature and destroy you. The Dark Horse hides in the shadows waiting to strike. They are likely to underplay their familiarity with the game and play the part of The Noob until the moment is right. These are the players you really need to worry about it, they’ll be running circles around you if you don’t keep an eye on them.