Tennis Australia | Race Rundown

Event: Survivor

Players: Tennis Australia

Location: Kings Domain, Melbourne

Host: Emil & Antony

It was an absolute pleasure to have the wonderful team from Tennis Australia out for an awesome day of Survivor games in Melbourne!

Tennis Australia

Melbourne’s weather was in fine form moments before the games were about to begin, bucketing down on our eager tribes waiting to battle it out! Without missing a beat, Emil, Ant, and the Tennis Aus team ran over to the Pavilion nearby and cracked on with the games and dried off!

Spirits were soaring which must have pleased mother nature as the sun broke through the skies to allow everyone to escape the pavilion and hit the fields for the last half of the event!

The scrabble game and giant sling were big favourites!

The “Going Commando” team won the day with an impressive effort across all the challenges – congratulations!

Here’s a few words from the organiser, Laura!

“Friday was such a good day! Everyone within the department loved it! I was having second thoughts as I was driving into work, it was raining in the morning, and just as we arrived to meet Antony and Emil it started to bucket down, but soon after it cleared up and everyone was really getting into it! We had such a great afternoon and my team won!”

— Laura C. | Tennis Australia

And the recap from Emil, the host!

“The tennis Australia team came fully decked out in tribal attire, some brilliant cozzies and you could tell from the get go it was going to be a competitive day. The rain fell but not the spirit of the group as in cosy conditions they competed for points in the pavillion, it may have been cold outside but the games were hot as “Going Commando” took an early lead. But it was May the 4th after all and “The Princess Leia’s” channelled the force and were right on their heels. Just as we thought we might lose the rest of the event to the elements the wet weather abated and that’s when the contest really got going.

An almost perfect game from The Team in Blue on the giant slingshot put them in the mix, but they lost their advantage when it came to cryptic cones as the brain teasers caused some consternation

Honorable mentions must go to the David Bowie’s and the War Pigs who competed hard through every event with open tinnies, but with a massive 11 letter scrabble word, Going Commando proved too consistent and took home first place. ”

— Emil, Host

Thank you to Laura, and the awesome folks at Tennis Australia, we hope to see you all again soon!

Thank you to Laura, and the awesome folks at Tennis Australia

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