Team Building Amazing Race

Inspired by the wildly popular tv show of the same name, our tailored team building Amazing Race has brought countless workplaces together and inspired incredible morale building experiences. In the original series, we saw different groups navigate their way around the globe completing checkpoint challenges as fast and best they could while trying to avoid coming in last and being eliminated.

We take some of the best bits from the TV show without the need for airports and passports, and without anyone getting eliminated! There’s no point developing a group if there are progressive losses in numbers after all.

With our amazing race games for team building, we focus on the fun! Hosted by professional actors and performers who love bringing people together, our aim is to let your inner child out to play to humanise your crew and as a result, bring you closer together. With over 10 years in the development industry, we have a huge variety of Amazing Race activities for team building that you can choose from!

Likened to a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt on steroids, our team building Amazing Race is a great way to get out of the office and explore the city with your unique squad of colleagues. We design all of our games in-house which means we can create events that have the perfect mix of challenges to appeal to all different personality types. We’ve snuck some foundational outcomes such as time management, delegation, communication and innovation into the very structure and design of our games so on the day it just feels like awesome fun!

Just like trying to get kids to eat vegetables, we’ve found the less it feels like an exercise the better the engagement, and therefore the results.


Amazing Race ‘games’ for team building potentially inspires some nerves in people, don’t let the word scare you though. This venture is not about racing to the destination, it’s all about the journey that gets you there (that’s as lame and inspirational as we’ll get, promise). This isn’t a bootcamp or a fitness test (ew); it’s an inclusive and exciting experience that you get to share with your colleagues. There’s nothing else like it, a fun, exciting, and informative corporate team building Amazing Race!

You’ll need to solve cryptic clues, decipher codes, eat things, create things, interact with the public, and more, all while trying not to get lost. So, if you think it sounds like winning has way more to do with how well you do at the challenges, you’d be totally right! With the range of amazing race activities for team building, there really is something for everyone.


Our special hosts are professional actors which means they love people and have the ability to entertain even the most hardcore sceptics and eye-rollers out there. It’s why we call them hosts and not facilitators, because facilitators sounds way too ‘blah’ to encapsulate the energy they bring to each event.

This matters more than you think, and our hosts’ ability to get everyone on board means your squad are much more likely to follow suit and connect with each other in more meaningful ways. Better connected = a happier, more productive result.


We are proud to be COVID-19 safe, taking the necessary precautions to ensure that all of our participants ad staff are having fun in a safe and productive way. The best part about our amazing race games for team building is that our playground is usually in the open air!


We can be flexible with duration, start and finish locations and even incorporate your company values, brand or product. We have set courses and custom games, city-based Amazing Race corporate team building escapades and beach adventures. We’ve run Amazing Races for team building, product launches, Christmas parties, end of financial year celebrations, spur of the moment occasions, or ‘just-because’ events. You might’ve even seen our lucky participants out and about running around at our Sydney Amazing Race activities for team building, scuttering through the streets of Melbourne, participating in a team building amazing race through Brisbane, or beyond (we’ve even done Dubbo, who would’ve thought!).

We love Amazing Race team building, so much so that it’s in our name. We’re always happy to see some of our favourite squads come back for another round, and we’re always looking for new groups to bring together with a sense of fun and frivolity!

If you’re interested in our wide variety of Amazing Race games for team building, drop us a line here.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!