Talent Web | Race Rundown

Event: Amazing Race With Bars

Players: Talent Web Recruitment

Location: The Rocks

Host: Skyler

We had a blast tearing up The Rocks with the awesome team at Talent Web!

Awesome Team at Talent Web

You know you’re in for a good time when the first question is “does getting into a brawl with the other team win us points?”…Recruitment agencies are known for their competitiveness, and the team at Talent Web did not disappoint!

Talent Web

The teams loved being able to choose their own adventure and promptly ran off in different directions to their chosen checkpoints where they tackled each challenge with their eyes collectively focussed on our (definitely real) one million dollar cheque!

With only 8mins (!!!) separating the first and last teams across the line, it was a nail-biter for sure!

Nina’s Ninjas won the day with a stellar performance and a rowdy closing ceremony wrapped up the day!

Thanks to the whole team at Talent Web, we can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Thanks to the whole team at Talent Web

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