sydney corporate events

Looking for some Sydney corporate team building ideas? Here's some we prepared earlier...

Many see Sydney as a stunning city with amazing views and landscapes - we see a playground.

It's where we meet you and your colleagues and send you off on an awesome adventure, or crash your conference space to deliver a heavy dose of fun. 

Tackle the awesome CBD and surrounds as you complete a wide range of puzzles and challenges that will put your physical and mental skills to the test. Improve problem solving, learn more about your team and how to work with them, and have an insane amount of fun.

team building that works

At Great Race we believe that a happy workplace is filled with happy people who work together cohesively. So why not spice things up in the office and get your team outside in the fresh Sydney air and away from their desks? Team building doesn’t have to be boring!

Chat to one of our friendly Masters of Fun today and we can show you how to bring your colleagues together!