School Excursions & Incursions

We understand that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to engage students in our modern world of distractions. Our activities require participants to be in the present moment, work together as a team and recognise that everybody has something different to offer and contribute.

If you have set learning objectives such as teamwork, goal setting, time management, leadership and communication, or learnings related to the curriculum, we can gamify these objectives so students experience them in real time. These events offer students a unique opportunity to learn about themselves and form a connection with their peers.

Our events are inclusive, supportive, encouraging, value-driven and goal-oriented. This ensures everyone has a great time by enabling them to excel in areas of interest and skill sets.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our range of events and let’s FUN!


Someone once said ‘learning stuff is easier when it’s fun’. We’re not sure who that was but we’re 100% sure they’re right!

Education specialists have been looking into the benefits of having fun and its impact on learning, and the truth is that when you’re engaged in an activity that you find fun, you increase the chance of remembering what you’ve learnt due to a rise in dopamine, the brain’s ‘memory chemical’. That’s great news because having fun and growing your knowledge shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.


Our awesome school events offer teachers and students the ability to jump out of the classroom and into a range of challenges and puzzles designed to emphasise teamwork and problem solving through physical and mental games.

Our events are inclusive, supportive, encouraging, value-driven and goal-oriented. This ensures everyone has a great time by enabling them to excel in areas of interest and skill set.

Teamwork, time management, risk management, leadership, planning and strategy are not only beneficial skills for adults already in the workplace, they are essential lessons for young people entering high-school and university. We put all these things into practice in a fun yet challenging way. No one fails, but teams learn first-hand that we’re stronger together than we are alone. Students see very quickly through a multitude of challenges that their differences are in fact strengths and in combination, will create a high performance team.

We actually talk teams through the fact that there are different personalities in every group but all of those are legitimate and necessary. There are quiet and reserved people, loud and boisterous people and everyone in between. Learning to negotiate with these people in a semi-stressful challenge (that is still a game) is an important lesson to learn. All personalities are essential to making up a successful team and how you deal with different personalities is a key ingredient to success in life and work.

Rest assured, we don’t beat you over the head with the theory, these games are 100% fun. However afterwards, you’ll notice that ‘lightbulb’ moment as they realise how much they’ve learned 😉


We run events for all ages with specifically designed games suited to the age and outcomes of the group. All of our events are hosted by professional, blue card accredited actors who are excellent at engaging young people.


We have literally been all over this wonderful country of ours running these events and can either come to your school, find a place just away from school or have you come into your nearest CBD to make a game happen. We’ve never been somewhere we couldn’t make work for one of our games so even if you don’t yet know where you want to go, we’ll figure it out!