The Hens Party Conundrum

My Best Friends Hens Party: A democratic and diplomatic nightmare.

At least evil dictators are free to make choices and get things done… If you’ve ever planned or are in the process of planning a hens night you know what I’m talking about!

Bridal parties are ‘usually’ made up of the BFF, a sibling, a new in-law and/or a ‘new’ friend, say from uni days or the pal you were dossing with in London that you shared some unforgettable and un-shareable experiences. While all of you have the bride in common that can be where the commonalities end! So when it comes to planning the hens, the myriad of ideas that start flowing won’t always mesh.

Approach with caution!


The hierarchical structure of a bridal party surely dictates that the Maid Of Honour would give the final verdict but that’s not always the case. A dominant personality will always try and get there way regardless of their role and depending how dominant will likely win. There’s no right or wrong way to plan a hens party – it starts with a blank canvas that should be purely dictated by the bride! Always come back to this question – “Is it right for your bride?”


Planning my best friends hens ended up with us doing Yoga on a beach at 8.00AM! (Seriously!) Deep down I knew it wasn’t right for our bride yet somehow I agreed. I was bullied by a bridesmaid who was secretly reliving what she truly wished she’d done (but didn’t do) on her hens weekend. And that wasn’t even the worst of the ideas, they just kept coming but I didn’t want to rock the apple cart, I was fully aware that I had to stand next to this girl come the big day and smile for a million photos. I regretted letting it happen and now I always coach other girls seeking advice to ask that question – “Is it right for your bride?”


It can be a difficult process, how do you tell someone their idea stinks and that yours is better – and is it? What you’re essentially doing is planning an event that has to be loved by one person only! Let that be your driving force and (hopefully) you can’t go wrong. If you need a shoulder to cry on, give us a call