Mums & Sons Amazing Race | Race Rundown

Event: School Amazing Race

Players: Year 5 Boys and their Mums!

Location: Sydney CBD

Hosts: Samm & Skyler

As part of a yearly bonding event, a big group of year 5 boys and their mums headed out with us for an Amazing Race around Sydney’s CBD!

We knew the kids would be up for some competition, but the mums were the ones out for the win! WOW what a fantastic group of people!!! The giant sling was a crowd favourite with the teams erupting with cheers at every point scored, while each new checkpoint was happily run to with the kids egging on the mums to keep up and get to the next one first!

There was a fantastic zoo photo with the kids pretending to be a crocodile eating some birds, while another team impressed by getting 16 people into their conga line!

Congratulations to Team 8 for winning the day and thanks to Joanne and the whole group for such a great afternoon of FUN! We hope to see you all again soon!

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