Melbourne corporate events

Reward your work peers with our variety of corporate party ideas, games, events & challenges. We love team building, and luckily enough we can use the city of Melbourne as our playground.

Filled with unique streets, delicious cafes and iconic landmarks, Melbourne is the perfect place to hold your next corporate get together!


We focus on fun and games. That's right - no fancy inspirational quotes on LinkedIn stuff, just pure and effective activities that teach or reinforce vital social skills while having an absolute blast. Why does that work? Well, here are the five common factors that make you happy at work:

  • Independance
  • Sense of completion
  • Variety
  • Feedback
  • Making a difference

Having fun through games activate all five. Each player is able to use their own skills, complete challenges that test their mind and body, receive constructive feedback from colleagues and our hosts and make a positive difference to their working relationships. 

It's SCIENCE people

Having fun releases a nifty little chemical called dopamine. Dopamine works like a "save-as" for your brain. Essentially, it means that when dopamine is released, your ability to remember that event and everything you learnt from it increases. 

It's why you can remember button combinations for video games for 20 years, or recite lyrics from your favourite childhood song, or that pneumonic device you created to get through exams.


We deliver immense benefit to your team and business through unforgettable experiences. Book an event that's motivating, rewarding, goal-oriented and, above all, FUN.

You and your team deserve it!