Melbourne Storm Survivor Event Race Rundown


Yesterday saw the Great Race Melbourne team come together with a very special group that we were so excited to meet. Conferencing at the Amora Hotel in Richmond was the coaching and admin staff of the NRL’s greatest ever team (well, we think so anyway) the Mighty Melbourne Storm!

The team had been in conference all day listening to important talks on the general direction of the company and even heard an inspiring address from a Rio Paralympic Gold Medalist!

We’re certain the first part of the day was informative, engaging and inspiring but nonetheless: a conference room is a conference room!


The magnificent Michelle had organised our Melbourne Crew to come to the park next door to bring a little fun to the day – that’s what we are all about!

The plan was to get out of the stuffy air-con and into the park to play a round of our Survivor! This was a team challenge for a group who were no strangers to the term ‘team’!


A lot of our participants were clearly very fit (we also spied some old players in there too) so it was important to design a team building game for them that would push them outside their comfort zones. We had to make this game a mental, strategic challenge; a game that required different personality types, forced them to plan, manage their time and that was, above all, still awesome fun!


Our Survivor was the perfect fit. No one walks into this game knowing they will be awesome – no one has played it before – we made it up! Communication was definitely key to this game, coming up with a clear plan of attack and sticking to it was definitely the recipe to success. Every challenge gives your team only seconds to plan so succinct, timely communication and knowing when to speak up and when not to was so important.


And so it was Game On! It was certainly one of the most epic battles of Balloon Centurion I have ever witnessed, laying low definitely paying off in the early rounds before turning into an alliance driven play-off.

Next up our puzzler challenge took the game to a completely different level, concentration was so vital in solving our chain of puzzles and the panic and frustration was literally written on so many faces.


After all games were finished we finally tallied up the scores and a super-close game it was. All teams were within a matter of 6 points (except team 1 – at least they won Cryptic Cones, and they were certainly holding onto that).

Finally, teams 5, 8 and 9 were split by only 2 points. Our victors holding out to win an all-expenses paid lunch courtesy of The Storm which finally went to the well-deserving team 9 and their MVP winning an additional $250 voucher also!

What an amazing pleasure it was in the end to work with such a fantastic crew, so willing, so competitive, but so lovely too. Best of luck for the season to come – win or lose, what a great team to be a part of!