Marian’s Hens Party | Race Rundown

Event: Classic Amazing Race

Bride-to-be: Marian

Location: Darling Harbour, Sydney

Host: Samm

It was a wild Saturday afternoon with an awesome hens group lead by their fearless bride-to-be Marian!


The competitiveness and banter was in peak form despite the complaints of hangovers! Speaking of, the hangover photo challenge was an absolute riot with team “Up The Duff” recreating the poster photo from the movie including a car in the background and blacked out teeth!

The Bridal couture challenge also presented an interesting, yet beautiful, design language that is surely to be embraced in next years MBFW.

couture challenge

The Bride-to-be’s team was sure of their win, but a Sabotage Selfie cost them the day with the mighty “Suck It Bitches” taking the win!

Thanks for an awesome afternoon ladies! All the best for your wedding Marian, we know it’ll be a blast!


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