Love Agency | Race Rundown

Event: Custom Amazing Race (Around The World)

Players: Love Agency

Location: Sydney CBD

Host: Josh

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting the awesome team at Love Agency once again for a custom amazing race – Around The World edition!

Mark and his team were poised and ready as seasoned Great Racers, and approached the games with the same fervour that we love them for!

Despite voicing his intention to cheat, Mark resisted and instead attempted to best his team at ‘King of the Hammer’ the old-fashioned way. It didn’t work.

Congratulations to ‘Server Error’ for winning the day, and thank you to the whole team at Love Agency, we love catching up with you guys! See ya next time 🙂

A few words from Mark:

“Friday was a great success and everyone got into the spirit of it which was the purpose. I tried cheating again and once again it was fruitless, perhaps the next event I go clean and take a more ethical approach, it will feel alien. All your guys were epic and I swear that Josh muttered the words “unbelievable” when I hit my astronomical hammer score!!!

We shall be in touch again!”

— Mark, Love Agency.

Love Agency

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