Katina’s Hens Party Amazing Race | Race Rundown

Event: Classic Amazing Race

Bride-to-be: Katina

Location: Sydney CBD

Host: Dan

We had an absolute blast with Katina and her amazing group of Hens tearing up the Sydney CBD!

The race starting in spectacular fashion with the Tim Tam Slam providing some pained faces as the dry biscuit got the best of all but one challenger!

The dress making challenge was a clear favourite though, with some pretty impressive skills on display as the models were donned with their luxurious foil gowns! Great to see that one team had their priorities straight and made a giant bling ring with the majority of the foil. Classic!

Congratulations to “The Gringa’s” for an awesome win and a big thanks to Katina and her amazing group of hens for an awesome time!

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