How To Survive An Event Crisis

Last month we received an urgent phone call from a company who was in the middle of a conference. The business who was booked to host their afternoon team building activity had just notified them that they had gotten the date wrong and was unable to deliver. The event manager was stressed to the least, it was approaching midday and they had less than 3 hours to organise an alternate activity. All of this was occurring whilst she had to keep the current event on track so had no option to plan and prepare her own solution.

When you are running an event, something will always go wrong. Hopefully, it will rarely be of that scale but it’s helpful to both prepare for and expects the worst. Here are our tips for getting things back on track when you’re confronted with the unexpected.

In this instance, the event had a happy ending. We were able to prepare a race for 150 people and tailor it to the company’s conference location within 3 hours of her phone call. We had an awesome time knowing that we had provided some great customer service by facilitating this quick turn around and the participants loved our activities. All in all it was a glaring success thanks to the quick thinking and preparation of the Event Manager. We love a challenge and if you are in the middle of a event planning pickle- we have the skills and experience to help you.