Fun Easter Activities For The Whole Family

Easter holidays are fast approaching and nowadays we have to think more creatively to keep the children off the couch and away from the chocolate. Sure treats can be a big part of the celebration but this can’t be a 2 week sugar feasting holiday! At Great Race we are the Masters of Fun so our days are filled with solving problems just like this so check out our list of Easter activities the whole family can enjoy.

Treasure Hunts

Let’s face it, the joy of a treasure hunt is rarely about the treasure but more about the HUNT. If you have a child that is less competitive than others you can involve them in the planning. Hunts can be strategic by involving the deciphering of secret clues or puzzles that lead to the final treasure or they can just involve the hiding of treats around your house or backyard. You can make a map together with your children (a great chance to familiarise them with map or scale drawing) and then you secretly decide where the treasure is hidden. If they are a little older you can make the hunt interactive by getting them to text you answers to hidden codes in order to receive the next instruction. You can also make treasure hunts online by editing photo hints that you send to them throughout the duration of the hunt. Hunts like this can run on Easter morning or you can stretch it out like an advent calendar- allowing them to find another clue or puzzle piece everyday leading up until Easter. There are no hard and fast rules so how execute your hunt up to you.

Make your own Easter Eggs

There are so many online tutorials on how to make your own Easter Eggs, some using premade chocolate moulds and others involving blowing the raw egg out of the shell and using this as your mould. The best thing about involving your family in making Easter gifts is that it is completely customisable to your circumstances. If you have family members with food intolerances you can find a chocolate or carob recipe that accommodates them. You are involving your kids in the process of making gifts and thinking about the needs of others which will give them a great sense of pride when eating or gifting their presents. You can also work within your budget, purchasing cooking items from discount stores doesn’t always mean you have to eat a discount chocolate. Once you have made the chocolate shell you are also able to fill the shell with other goodies, puzzles or toys to keep the family occupied throughout the day. See here for more ideas.

Easter Exercise

You can sneak more activity into your family’s day by getting outdoors to one of the many events being held in your city. In Australia we have a series of shows and carnivals that pop up across the country at Easter time. There are public Easter Egg hunts and family friendly festivals you can all attend. If you are a family on a budget (who isn’t) you can host an Easter BBQ at the Beach or make your own Survivor Olympics. At Great Race our Survivor Olympics consists of outdoor physical and creative challenges in which teams compete against the clock to win but most importantly, to have fun. We can host one for you or you can do some online research into setting up your own. They can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have with some affordable items like balls, cones, aluminium foil, puzzles or codes and leftover scraps of material. The final key to hosting your own challenges is DIYing a really great winners trophy.

Easter Lessons

Whichever religious denomination you are affiliated with (if any) if you have school-aged children, it is likely they will have a holiday period over this season. This is a great opportunity for them to learn about different celebrations and rituals from other cultures. You can make this practical by asking a friend if you can be involved in their celebrations or hosting an ‘Around the World Dinner’ where people each bring a plate from their families traditions. You could take this further and host or attend a Welcome to Dinner feast. During seasons of ritual and celebration there seems to be no better time to reach out and encourage understanding in your community.

We will be hosting races and games over the holidays and are happy to help if any of our activities peak your interest. We host races in SydneyMelbourneBrisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and more so contact us if you’d like us to spice things up for your family this Easter.