SChool events

We learnt in science class that having fun is the most effective way to learn something! (Good thing that science class was fun or we may have not remembered that...)

Education specialists have been looking into the benefits of having fun and its impact on learning, and the truth is that when you're engaged in an activity that you find fun, you increase the chance of remembering what you've learnt due to a rise in dopamine, the brain's 'memory chemical'.

That's great news because having fun and growing your knowledge shouldn't be mutually exclusive. 

Our awesome school events offer teachers and students the ability to jump out of the classroom and into a range of challenges and puzzles designed to emphasise teamwork and problem solving through physical and mental games.

Our events are inclusive, supportive, encouraging, value-driven and goal-oriented. This ensures everyone has a great time by enabling them to excel in areas of interest and skillset. 

So what are you waiting for? Explore our range of events and let's FUN!