corporate events

Corporate team-building tends to garner mixed reactions and there's good reason for that. Heaps of them are BORING. I mean, you often get hustled into a room to quietly listen to someone chat about how interacting with your team is awesome all the while not being able to actually interact with your least you'll learn about irony?

Why We're Different

We focus on fun and games. Maybe that sounds too lighthearted or not action-oriented enough for ya, but ponder this; there are five common factors that make you happy at work:

  • Independance
  • Sense of completion
  • Variety
  • Feedback
  • Making a difference

Games activate all five of these feelings. Each player is able to use their unique skillset, complete challenges and puzzles, test their physical and mental capabilities, receive immediate feedback from other players and our hosts and make a difference to the relationships they have at work. 

Because Science

Furthermore, because you're having fun playing the games, you'll be triggering the release of dopamine into your brain which operates like a 'save-button' for all the things you've learnt during the team-building session.

That means that you actually get to go outside, play games that make you feel valued, and then actually retain everything that you experienced. I believe that's what our corporate friends call 'strong ROI'?

value driven experiences

We deliver actual value to your team and business through awesome experiences, not theories and words to a less-than-enthusiastic crowd in a conference room. Book an event that's motivating, rewarding, goal-oriented and, above all, FUN.

You and your team deserve it!