Equinix Last Minute Amazing Race Rundown


We have noticed a change over the years in the lead up time needed for a client to make a booking.  We used to see most our bookings in the System a good two months before an actual event date, we now frequently see people booking in within a month of their event date, and this is across the board, whether it be for Team building events, a Hens night activity or Birthday Amazing Race.


No event booking has been more last minute than an event we for Equinix. They had originally enquired with us but someone on the events committee was a friend of a friend of one of our competitors that we know quite well.

We didn’t get much of a look in at first, which is fair enough. We had 10 facilitators out running a 250-person Survivor day in Parramatta park when the office got the emergency phone call.


It was midday on the day of the proposed event when a calm but panicked member of the equinox team asked us to help with a bit of an emergency. Our competitor had got the day wrong and was unable to get a big enough team together to run the 3pm 120-person Amazing Race around the Rocks.

This was a horrible reality, for Equinix as a client but also for our competitors who we know would have been beside themselves. I’d like to think most team building companies are organised. I know which this company this would be a once in a decade muck up. I felt for them too.


Luckily we have never had anything like this happen to us! A feat we are proud of 5000 plus events in! Two members of our team did some ringing around and managed to round up the facilitators we needed to make the game happen.

Both Directors of the company were sent in to make it all run smoothly. The office designed and delivered the actual game to the directors in the rocks and 2 hours after receiving this Phone call the Masters of fun were ready to play!


We were met with some dubiousness as if we could pull the actual game off which such a short lead time and we could sense there was uncertainty in the air. So, we knew we had to break the ice.

Our two directors kicked the game off with an energetic bang. We were able to absolve the room of any doubt the game would be fun and managed to rally the troops into a competitive frenzy!


“The game was timely, slick and perfectly pitched thank you to your team for being huge life-savers, we havent stopped talking about it”

Thankfully we knocked it out of the park. This day will always remain in my mind as a time that our team, a united team with the same goal.

Understood what need to be done, understood the personalities and resources we needed to draw on to make it happen and we knocked it out of the park.

Quite often we must practice what we preach and I’m always grateful for the remarkable bunch of capable people that are part of the Great Race Team.