Courtney’s Hens Amazing Race | Race Rundown

Event: Hens Classic Amazing Race

Bride-to-be: Courtney

Location: Sydney CBD

Host: Skyler

Courtney’s group of hens were dressed to the nines as they rocked up to their Amazing Race in stunning Gatsby attire! You could see the competition brewing underneath those nice clothes though as the banter started early. It was the mums that were on fire though with some of the heaviest doses of innuendo-laden jokes and phallic paraphernalia at the ready!

Courtney’s group of hens

The freezing cold weather didn’t stop the teams as they charged through the challenges including Tim Tam Slam that somehow turned into a sexual education lesson on swallowing (thanks Mum!) and some very outgoing D-types trying to lure in 5 police officers to a conga line! (unfortunately the cops weren’t keen – maybe next time?).

It was an extraordinarily close victory for “Bumpy Brides” excelling at the bonus challenges to just  win out over the “Court Crushers”!

Thanks for an absolutely awesome game Courtney, Taren and the gang, and a special thanks to Courtney’s Mum for her amazing banter and advice!


Want to have as much fun as these hens?