Commonwealth Bank Amazing Race Sydney | Race Rundown

Event: Classic Amazing Race Team Building

Players: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Location: Sydney

Hosts: Josh, Jamila & Ryan

We love running team building events with the awesome people from CBA!

This time around, we were tearing around Sydney’s CBD on an Amazing Race!

This was an exceptionally close game with all eight teams finishing in very close proximity points-wise. All teams went hell-for-leather at the challenges except for one particular special challenge that eluded all teams! (It would have been the decider for sure if anyone found it!)

Yellow team were literally bouncing during final check-in as they were super proud of completing all their secret challenges! We get such a thrill out the fun you guys have, so this was just awesome to see! (Not to mention their results rocked!)

Despite the cheering from team Pink during the closing ceremony (win or lose, they were here to cheer hahaha), team Orange were the winners of the day!

Congratulations team Orange, and a huge thanks goes to Beverley and the whole team at CommBank – we can’t wait for next time!

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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