Birthday Parties

Happy (almost) Birthday! If you’re looking for something unique and a little different for your next birthday or are planning a friend’s or family members then explore our amazing events!

If you dream of getting outside and tearing up your city with your friends and family solving puzzles, conquering challenges and racing for bragging rights then you’ve found yourself in the right place in cyberspace.

We cover all ages and can adjust our events for all physical/mobility levels so all ages are welcome! There’s plenty of variety in the challenges so everyone gets to shine with their abilities as you work together in teams to be the winner of the day.

It’s the perfect daytime activity or afternoon precursor to a dinner (which we assume will be filled with heckling and banter and demanding rematches).

Book a birthday event that you’ll never forget!


Our birthday activities are a very popular choice for any milestone birthday whether it’s your 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th – and you can keep going! That’s right, we’ve even done our Amazing Races and Survivor for 80th birthday parties before! We create all our events to suit all physical abilities and they are designed to be more about what you do instead of speed, and our challenges are typically more about powers of persuasion and mental/cerebral puzzles. We want Nan to have a legitimate chance of winning this game.

When most people organise a birthday, particularly a large milestone birthday, they don’t want to just go to the pub – they’re looking for fun, for something out of the ordinary – they’re looking for something that will be memorable, something everyone will look back on in years to come as one of the best birthdays they’ve ever been to! Our events are about connecting people; creating lasting happy memories of the crazy competition we create.


Our events work particularly well if you have several friendship groups coming together as an ice-breaker activity. You can mix the teams up to help people to get to know each other, or create teams with familiar people. Regardless, everyone at the end will have an amazing point of reference being able to compare battle stories and tactics!

Behind all of our events is some form of game and competition. Our primary objective is to ‘Gamify’ your birthday creating a competition your friends are playing against each other in order to prove who truly reigns supreme in your circle.


These games are family friendly so bring the kids… or not! It’s quite common for family groups to come along and bring the kids – they’ll love it too! While our standard games are not specifically targeted at a younger age group there is still plenty that they can participate in and part of the fun is watching it all unfold. So, yes, our games are suitable for bub and nan and everyone in between. When booking in, have a chat with our awesome sales team to discuss the age of participants so we can recommend the best type of event and if need be we can even tailor the game slightly to suit the age bracket by adjusting the length or course.